11 of the Most Remote Homes in the World

From the “Loneliest House in the World” to the smallest inhabited island, these homes are as beautiful as they are secluded

Ellidaey Island with one house on itPhoto: Bruce Yuanyue Bi/Getty Images 

Elliðaey, Iceland

Located on Elliðaey, an island within the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, this home is often given the unofficial nickname of the “World’s Loneliest House.” Though staying here would certainly be a quiet experience, the structure is not actually a single-family home, but rather a hunting lodge built by the Elliðaey Hunting Association in the 1950s.


Abandoned house made of several big boulders in Fafe mountains Portugal.Photo: Nessa Flame/Getty Images 

Fafe Mountains, Portugal

When images first emerged on the internet of this unusual home, appropriately named Casa do Penedo, Portuguese for “stone house,” many didn’t believe its existence, according to Atlas Obscura. A Portuguese news station set the record straight, proving the house is in fact a real place you can visit. It is, notably, remotely located in the Fafe Mountains and requires a bit of planning to get there.


Tourist bungalow in Garhwal Himalaya Haridwar Uttar Pradesh IndiaPhoto: Dinodia Photo/Getty Images 

Uttarakhand, India

This bungalow is located well off the beaten path, deep within the Garhwal Himalayas.

This image is taken in Morbihan in Ria d'Etel with the famous island Nichtarguer known for its isolated house in the sea.Photo: Mathieu Rivrin/Getty Images 

Ria d’Etel, France

You’ll find seven towns along the banks of the Ria d’Etel in Brittany, France. However, despite their electricity, running water, and other modern amenities, the crown jewel of the area is the Nichtarguer islet, where a small home with charming blue shutters stands abandoned.


Dawn light over Xinaliq  an ancient Caucasian village going back to the Caucasian Albanian period located high up in...Photo: Feng Wei Photography/Getty Images 

Khinalig, Azerbaijan

Situated 7,000 feet above sea level in the Caucasus mountains, Khinaluq is an ancient Caucasian village and one of the most remote in Europe. According to many travel blogs, the small community is best accessible via Baku, which is about five hours away.


Single cottage at Glencoe Highlands ScotlandPhoto: David Clapp/Getty Images 

Glencoe, Scotland

Known for its seclusion and wild beauty, the Scottish Highlands are unsurprisingly a breathtaking location for remote homes like this one on in Glencoe. In fact, the area has a collection of singular structures scattered within Glencoe Valley, which are popular vacation rentals.

The Just Room Enough Island. 1000 Islands and Kingston in Ontario CanadaPhoto: Bakerjarvis/Alamy Stock Photo

Just Room Enough Island, New York

Appropriately named Just Room Enough Island, also known as Hub Island, this place is known for being the smallest inhabited island. Located within the Thousand Islands chain in New York, the land was reportedly purchased by a wealthy family in the 1950s who wanted to build a vacation property. Though notably isolated, the home is not as remote as others on this list—the family has neighbors a short boat ride away.

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