Despite what is going on in the world these days, the yachting industry is going well.
The recent controversy about the wealthiest persons’ travel and holiday habits has been widely covered.

However, one must admit that if they were not here, the millions of people who are working in the sector would be jobless. Since this field is monitored, its players are forced to show and work in a more responsible manner in the way they are doing business. They are also working on making and keeping the industry attractive, especially to the younger generations.

The imagination, the technology, and the knowledge that is deployed are phenomenal and this year’s Monaco Yacht Show showcased some of the best innovative, sustainable, and futuristic products.

It was hard to select a few but some of the following really deserved to be highlighted.


As true maritime aficionados like to say, the industry started with sailing boats and it seems that although they took a backseat in the last two decades.

Perseverence yacht at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show


They have not disappeared, in fact, shipyards have searched for new materials and new technologies to produce faster, lighter, and more sustainable vessels. It’s the case of 39 m SY Perseverance. The industry awarded her the statute of the world Best Superyacht and Best Design and Innovation in 2022.

Her design, sober but chic and classy, stands out. But, what makes her unique (for the moment) is that she boasts incredible performances from mast to keel.

Built with materials and partners that have the lowest carbon footprint, she has been designed to consume less and perform better. The Finnish Baltic Yachts shipyard’s engineers have equipped her with technology: smart cabins to help reduce energy consumption, and energy-efficient LED lighting onboard, she even has a system that enables the yacht to reuse its energy to heat the water on board for showers and dishwashing.

When sailing at a speed of 14 to 15 knots she gets back 25 kW of the battery. She is available for charter, the owner has carried out his efforts by partnering with brands that have the same sustainable philosophy. For instance, the toiletry onboard or the recyclable water bottles that are offered to guests when they charter Sailing Yacht Perseverance.

Riva Boat at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show


You may think that this approach is easy because it’s a new vessel, however, shipyards are also working on transforming existing vessels.

It’s the case for the famous Riva boats. Presented for the first time at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show, the Italians have partnered with Laneva boats to build and offer a way for a classic Riva boat to become the icon of zero-emission luxury yachting. Removing the boat’s engine and replacing it with ultra-compact high-performance axial flux engines, the same as tested in aviation and high-density battery cells.


  • The charge lasts 3 hours for a speed of 25 knots
  • Time to full charge: 1h30
  • 13 t of CO2 saved per year

Laneva boats’ CEO François Richard explained that “with the new protection of the environmental regulations coming soon, we had to think of solutions.” The Italian and Swiss Riva boat owners navigate on lakes most of the time, and they don’t necessarily want to change their cherished Riva boats. Some of them have been in their families for years. This new technology is ideal for them. They can keep their boats and continue to use them on lakes without polluting.”

It’s even more enjoyable for them as the new Lanéva Vesper system provides a silent, vibration-free, and odorless experience.


Viveur Frangrances at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show


We all know that scented products can trigger a souvenir or an emotion in our brains. Some fragrances have the power of stimulating or soothing our minds. Taking this into consideration Viveur has developed a machine that when installed in a room, sprays through the vent system and diffuses a small dose of a chosen scent. Made with essential oils, those can be customized to what an owner wants.

Miles Guy Cartley the creative director explains: “It’s a great way for a charter yacht to have its own scent “printed” into a guest’s mind as each can be unique.”They can be bottled in small sprays and given as gifts for charter guests to have a scented memory of their holiday”. Count about 50£  per square meter to equip a vessel.

OceanR clothing at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show


OceanR stands for Ocean Recycled. Tom Cotter, the owner, came up with the concept of the company when he realized that fashion is one of the largest industries in the world and the second most polluting.

Passionate about water sports, he quickly becomes conscious of the sea’s plastic problems. “We are the first generation to suffer the consequences of climate change” he states “and one of few to take active action to stop it. Setting up OceanR was about changing the status quo of fast fashion, and introducing a new way of thinking about what we wear.”

The OceanR collection is conceived to have the minimum impact on the environment and therefore the clothes are made with sustainable and recycled materials.

Designed for men, for women, or being unisex, the apparels are colorful and sourced from nature, made of recycled polyester or organic cotton, the range also includes towels and other ocean products and is very appreciated amongst the yachting industry.

For more innovative or sustainable yachting products, visit the Monaco Yacht Show in 2023.

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