New and Improved: 15 Fun Things to Do in Beverly Hills

One of the most famous cities in the world for extravagance and excess has morphed into 2021 with a new and improved profile, including a slew of cool-hip things to do. Of course, there is a certain prestige associated with the 90210 zip code but it’s also geographically desirable in spread out la-la-land so it’s a good move for many new or established brands. And while you can now order a $100 burger with gold leaf from newly imported “Salt Bae” if you’re in the mood for something luxe, the area is not always as pricy and over-the-top as you might think. In fact, one of the most fun pursuits on our list won’t cost you a dime. Check out our roundup of fun things to do in Beverly Hills and get yourself over there, stat.

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