7 Luxury Glamping Tents With Stunning Views of Nature

From Bali to Kenya, these luxury outposts offer front-row seats to some of the planet’s most dramatic landscapes

Glamping tent alone in the desert. Golden hour.Photo: Jonathan Cosh of Visual Eye courtesy of Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri (Kenya)

Each year, millions of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles migrate between the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Richard Branson’s Mahali Mzuri in the Maasai Mara offers one dozen tented suites with front-row seats to the Great Migration. Even outside of this million-creature journey, countless animals fill the valley below. During daylight, guests can sit on private porches (or inside their tents soaking in elegant tubs) and look down upon towers of giraffes trotting through the valley, or across the way where a resident lion pride combs the hills. By night, with a hot water bottle slipped under the covers of king-size beds, visitors can hear hippos and buffalo trade off similar-sounding moos, or the growls of a female leopard sleeping nearby. Unlike with tent camping, guests leaving their luxury accommodations by dusk have the company of a Maasai guide, who waits on the path to escort visitors to dinner or drinks.

Glamping tent along the banks of a riverPhoto: Courtesy of Shinta Mani Wild 

Shinta Mani Wild (Cambodia)

This Cambodian jungle retreat has its tents perched over rolling rapids or situated above boulders that disappear under white water during monsoon season, making the tent look like it’s continuously surfing the rushing river. In the dryer season, swimming holes are just beyond some terraces, though all 15 tents have views of the river. Inside, each is creatively designed: The Bohemian Tent has funky art, while the Butterfly, Elephants, and Birders tents are gentle odes to their respective creatures. Of course, certain beautiful touches—like bathtubs situated on balconies, books, and old valises—are found across each one.

Luxury tent featuring a bed couch and two armchairs. Views of forest visible through open flap.Photo: Jeremy Koreski courtesy of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort (Vancouver)

On Vancouver Island, about two dozen white canvas tents line the banks of the Clayoquot Sound or are scattered about the temperate rainforest. The designs are simple and the tents are furnished with works from local craftspeople. The verandahs have Adirondack chairs and tents are equipped with cast iron stoves for easy cooking. Some even have private outdoor cedar showers to rinse off a day of canyoning, horseback riding, or hiking.

Via Architectural Digest

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