7 Real Restaurants Seen in Movies Where You Can Have an Oscar-Worthy Meal

From a bar atop a Tokyo skyscraper to a beloved Central Park institution, these restaurants offer Hollywood glamour along with your entrée

What do a good meal and a good movie have in common? Both can add magic, color, and sparkle to life. And at these seven real restaurants seen in movies, food and cinema come together in the most beautiful way. Here, diners can follow the culinary footsteps of the stars in the exact restaurants that have made scene-stealing appearances on the big screen. All across the world, these dining options have helped shaped some of film’s most memorable moments. From the iconic flying snail in Pretty Woman to Meg Ryan’s room-stopping performance at a New York deli in When Harry Met Sally, these locations should be on every film buff’s must-visit list. It goes without saying that good design and good food make them appropriate for anyone looking for a fun night out. Pull up a seat at any of these real restaurants seen in movies, and you may just find yourself at the same table where the stars once ate—or, at least, pretended to eat.

Loeb Boathouse, New York City

Exterior of Loeb BoathouseThe Loeb Boathouse has long been an iconic part of Central Park offering great views of boaters. Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/Getty Images

The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park is a favorite among Hollywood, and it has been used as a location in multiple movies including When Harry Met Sally, Borat, and 27 Dresses. Even though the restaurant was in danger of closing this year, an anonymous billionaire reportedly stepped up to save the restaurant and agreed to underwrite its renovation.


Katz Deli, New York City

Katz's Delicatessen in New York CityPhoto: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Nora Ephron was a lifelong lover of New York, so it’s not too surprising that she chose to highlight multiple iconic NYC restaurants in When Harry Met Sally. Made famous in a scene where Meg Ryan’s character fakes a bedroom performance for the entire deli, the restaurant became the location for one of the most memorable lines in the film: “I’ll have what she’s having.” A sign marking the table the actors sat at now hangs in the storied restaurant.


Cicada Restaurant and Lounge, Los Angeles

Dark artdeco inspired restaurantPhoto: Courtesy of Cicada Restaurant and Lounge

When scenes in Pretty Woman were filmed at what is now the Cicada Restaurant and Lounge in Los Angeles, the business was called The Voltaire. Aside from the name change, the venue appears largely as it did in the film, decked out with Art Deco–infused decor and opulence. The eatery was the location for a fan-favorite moment in the movie when Julia Roberts’s character accidentally sends a snail from her escargot flying across the room.


New York Bar, Park Hyatt Tokyo

Park Hyatt Hotel New York Bar Tokyo JapanPhoto: Mark Bassett / Alamy Stock Photo

The New York Bar, located on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, boasts breathtaking views of Mount Fuji. It’s also the restaurant where Bob (Bill Murray) first meets Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) in Lost in Translation. The location is presented as a sanctuary of modernity in the heart of Tokyo, with a refined, sophisticated, and even mysterious soul. At times, the hotel feels like a gilded prison for the film’s stars, but it also has a timeless albeit contemporary charm and elegance.


21 Club, New York City

The 21 Club in Midtown Manhattan features a colorful collection of small painted cast iron lawn jockey statues which...Photo: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

This iconic Manhattan destination provided a perfect setting for a key scene in the financial thriller Wall Street. The film—starring Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen, and Charlie Sheen—could not have chosen a more suitable restaurant for the meal when Douglas introduces the younger Sheen to a taste of the good life. The 21 Club was founded during prohibition by two cousins, Jack Kriendler and Charlie Berns, and even had a secret cell to hide liquor from law enforcement during raids. During the Wall Street boom of the ’80s, it was a favorite destination for high-finance players. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed permanently after experiencing prolonged financial hardship throughout the pandemic.


Bridges Restaurant and Bar, Danville, California

Sign reading Bridges outside of a restaurantPhoto: Courtesy of Bridges Restaurant and Bar

The Bridges Restaurant and Bar in Danville, about 20 miles east of Oakland, California, was the setting for a scene in Mrs. Doubtfire where the main characters—played by Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan, and Robin Williams—meet for a meal. Bridges remains proud of its connection to the 1993 feature film, with stills from it prominent on their social media accounts.


Serendipity 3, New York City

Front of Serendipity 3 in New York CityPhoto: Brian Ach/Getty Images

Not only was Serendipity 3 used in a fan-favorite film, but it also inspired the movie’s title. In Serendipity, John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale play Jonathon and Sarah, two lovers brought together seemingly by fate. On their first encounter, the pair share a frozen hot chocolate at the restaurant, which also happens to be known for the iconic dessert.

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