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Bentley Residences, The First Bentley-Branded Luxury Residential Tower, Will Arrive In Miami In 2026

There are few people more passionate than car lovers, many of whom are drawn to luxury cars for their immaculate detail, beauty and performance. Bentley enthusiasts can now own a residence that adheres to the same standards as their beloved car.

Bentley Motors recently revealed their plans for the first-ever Bentley-branded residential tower, Bentley Residences, set to debut in 2026 in Sunny Isles Beach in Miami, Florida. Bentley Motors enlisted Dezer Development, responsible for some of the world’s most luxurious branded residences, including the recently completed Porsche Design Tower (just two blocks away) and Armani/Casa, to name a few.

“The collaboration started because of our success with the Porsche Design Tower,” says Gil Dezer, president of Dezer Development. “For us, it’s very exciting to work with Bentley Motors because they have great ideas and come up with an aesthetic that is really beautiful. They’re making sure they are infusing their heritage and DNA into the product.”

Construction will begin in 2023 and will be built by architecture firm Sieger Suarez Architects, who is also responsible for Porsche Design Tower and Armani/Casa. The 60-story, cylindrical tower is set to be the tallest ever built on a U.S. beachfront at 749 feet. There will be more than 200 luxury residences; state-of-the-art amenities, including a restaurant, cinema, whiskey bar, gym, pool, spa and cigar lounge; cabanas; and landscaped gardens.

“The beauty of this project is that we get to curate that from the ground up,” says Chris Cooke, lead designer of Bentley Motors. “Everything from the look of the tower, the layout of the rooms, the spacing, the material, we can make it from scratch, which will enable us to make it the best it can be and the best experience for our customers. We know we are in safe hands working with Dezer, as they’ve done this before.”

Each residence has a multi-car garage (via the tower’s car elevator) so residents can securely store their vehicles, and residences all have a private balcony, sunken pool and sauna. Dezer says each unit was designed for seamless indoor-outdoor living and each unit will have views over the ocean and bay through its floor-to-ceiling windows.

Fans of the marque will be impressed by the car’s design details that are expertly woven into the interiors, including Bentley’s diamond motif, as well as sumptuous leather and sustainable materials.

“We curate experiences for our customers as soon as they shut the door of a Bentley, and everything has been tailor-made to enhance the experience within the car: the drive, noise, sound, smell and materiality,” Cooke says. “This really was an opportunity for us to be able to continue that experience for the customer when they leave the vehicle. They can walk into their apartment and have that same level of detail and design philosophy that can be carried into their entire lifestyle.”

The exterior’s unique façade will make it stand out from other towers on the beach.

“If you look at the exterior of the building, we are trying to do triangular windows that will be convex and concave coming in and create a diamond pattern on the exterior of the building,” Dezer says. “When the sun hits the building in the right way, it will shine all over the place.”

It was important for both brands to incorporate sustainable standards in an effort to project the local environment and is being built in accordance with the Florida Green Building Council certification.

“The development of the interiors was about being in balance with nature and the world around you, so the interiors have been designed to let in the maximum amount of light and view out of the building so you’ll always connect with the outdoors,” Cooke says. “We’ve curated every little element and detail within the building, from the lighting to the smell, the sound and the detailing of the sustainable materials inside. That’s the same care and consideration we take when we work on the interiors of our cars.”

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Joyce Rey
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