Concours d’Elegance 2016 was Simply Amazing

The Cars are the Stars!

The week-long Concours d’Elegance, in Pebble Beach, California, attracts some of the world’s most historically significant–and rare–automobiles along with throngs of avid car enthusiasts and experts. Now in its 66th year, the Concours d’Elegance has raised more than $21M for local organizations in need and expects to donate close to $2M again this year.

Three of my favorite events were dinner at the Rolls Royce Villa, the Bentley dinner at the Lodge’s Private Tennis Club and Sunday brunch at the Mercedes-Benz suite at the Lodge. The Sunday brunch overlooks the entire Concours and a wide sweep of ocean beyond. It was such an exciting day, with the exhibit of extraordinary vintage cars in every category. One of my favorites was the award-winning Delahaye, owned by the Mullins. It is one of only four surviving cars of its type.


The award winning Delahaye driven by the Mullins.

Always dazzling, the concept cars are displayed right in front of the Lodge. These are the cars of the future, not yet in production. Everybody swarmed the sleek, gorgeous Maybach.

The real action was taking place at the auctions, where it was possible to purchase an amazing 1930 Duesenberg for about $1M, or even a rare Jaguar D-type racecar, which sold for $21.8M. A lot of the cars did not meet their reserve price.

My other favorite event of the week is the Friday car exhibit at the Quail Lodge in Caramel Valley. This year, the winning cars were selected from the major 2015 shows worldwide and the judges decide on the “Best of the Best.” That award was given to the 1937 Tabo-Lago, a rare and exquisitely preserved French car, also owned by the Mullins. So many of the cars on display are true works of art.

1930 Duesenberg at the Bonham’s auction. Price tag: about $1M.


The 1937 Tabo-Lago won Best of the Best. Merle Mullin was proud!

To learn more about the Concours d’Elegance, see this New York Times article about the fascinating results of this year’s auctions. I definitely see a parallel with the luxury real estate market: much of the action is taking place at the very high end–for example, the sale of the Playboy mansion at a Southern California record-breaking $100M.

I am already planning next August’s trip to the Concours d’Elegance and looking forward to learning much more about these amazing automobiles.

The incredible view from the Mercedes-Benz suite in the Pebble Beach Lodge.

Maybach Concept Car. WOW!

Red interiors were in high demand at the Rolls Royce Villa.

The new Bugatti at the Quail Lodge. One of my favorites.

Hollywood Reporter’s fabulous cocktail party with my dear friends (from left) Justin Fichelson, Jay Leno and Mary Miyata.

The beautiful ocean at Carmel Beach. An ideal place for a relaxing walk.

$3M Aston Martin in front of the Aston Martin Villa.

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