Restaurant Spotlight: Violet Bistro

We can all remember the days of the Hollywood Hot Spot. A vortex for moguls, Industry players, socialites and aspirationals, the power haunts centered around Beverly Hills and Hollywood, with a few Malibu locales sprinkled in between. But today’s restaurant heat is coming from an unlikely location — Westwood Village. 

Violet Bistro, School & Shop opened quietly on Glendon Avenue in March of 2020, eight days before the world shut down. Housed in a leafy 1938 brick building oozing with charm and chic, it has built a clientele of locals, celebrities and power brokers with Chef Brittany Cassidy’s seasonal Cali-French cuisine, drop-dead ambiance, and gracious service, without the usual “look-at-us” bravado. Expect a mushroom-based French Onion Soup that’s as rich as the beef version, Steak au Poivre that rivals that of Paris’ L’Entrecôte, and unbelievable Frites. There’s even a Cooking School upstairs, where they’ll teach you how to make just about every scrumptious dish on their menu…except the fries! And don’t forget the fantastic rotisserie chicken, which is the absolute best in the city!

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