Step Inside Rita Ora’s Victorian-Era Sanctuary in London

The singer’s cozy historical home with a fascinating past is filled with unexpected vintage finds

Her furniture also brings a taste of her West London roots into her new neighborhood. “I made a conscious effort to leave my safety zone,” says Ora of purchasing a home in an unfamiliar area. “All my friends are in West London, my go-to coffee shop, my café. I wanted to expand.” Her new area has more parks and greenery, and her home has multiple fireplaces and a lovely garden, all amenities that help her better unplug from her fast-paced life. “I would walk down the street in West London and people would be like, ‘Rita, what’s up?’ And then I would not get home for six hours. I would sit and have coffee and then I’d grab a drink, and then I’m like, ‘How am I not home yet?’”

The social butterfly is, of course, finding her niche now. “I’ve made friends in the local Pilates, and they’re all gorgeous mums of three kids, and I’m sort of like, ‘This is how you guys live out here. Okay, cool. I get it.’”

As she works on her third album, Ora couldn’t be happier with the calm and grounding home base she’s created. “Everyone comes to my house and says, ‘I can’t believe you live in a house like this,’” she explains. She understands why people might be confused: “My exterior self is super flamboyant, colorful, and I’m really proud of the decisions I make. Internally, my interior self is the opposite. I wanted my inner self reflected in my home.”

Art: Chris Cuffaro.
Almost all of the furniture in the sitting room is vintage from Portobello Road Market, save for the floor covering from London House Rugs and the Fortuny pillows on the sofa.
Image may contain Living Room Room Indoors Furniture Couch Flooring Wood Chair Hardwood and FloorArt: © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved / DACS, London / ARS, NY 2022.

The wooden partition between the sitting room and the dining room is original to the home and not allowed to be changed, due to the home’s Grade II listing. Though Ora is a huge fan of vintage furniture, she opts for more modern art, like the butterfly piece on the left by Damien Hirst, whom she considers a friend.

Image may contain Wood Hardwood Furniture Chair Flooring Floor Living Room Room Indoors and Interior DesignArt Left: © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved / DACS, London / ARS, NY 2022. Art Right: © Gilbert & George.

In the dining room, more vintage pieces like the dining table and Mastercraft cabinet mingle with dining chairs from Soho Home, an Anissa Kermiche vase, skateboard decks by Damien Hirst, and art by Gilbert & George.


Ora’s updated kitchen cabinets are from 202 Design. “I didn’t want it to feel too bright and white. I wanted a lot of earth tones,” she says.

clawfoot tubArt: Norman Seeff.
“The ceiling being super high was so unusual, I loved that. And the bathroom being in the room was definitely so intriguing for me,” says Ora. Interholc Construction supported on the restoration of the floors, bedrooms and bathrooms, and more.
Image may contain Furniture Couch Living Room Indoors Room Human Person Home Decor Clothing Apparel and ChairArt: Chris Cuffaro.

“This home felt like it was my own sort of cottage within the city, which is so hard to find in a city like London,” says Ora.

Image may contain Living Room Room Indoors Furniture Couch Human Person Interior Design Cushion and TableArt Left: Douglas Kirkland. Art Right: Al Satterwhite.

“A snug is where you watch TV, put the fire on, and there are books. You can play games there or fall asleep,” explains Ora of the British term. “Traditionally, where I’m from, a snug is very masculine, it’s like a man cave. That’s always been annoying to me. I was like, ‘What’s the female equivalent of that?’ I wanted that touch of romance and femininity.”

Image may contain Living Room Room Indoors Furniture Couch Flooring Wood Table Interior Design and Bookcase

Ora’s snug features a custom-made sofa atop a patterned rug from Soho Home, pink floor lamps from, a brown woven chair from Habitat, pink curtains from Marvic Textiles, and more Fortuny pillows on the sofa. The chandelier, like all of the light fixtures in the home, was added to the dwelling by Ora.

Image may contain Interior Design Indoors Room Bedroom Furniture and BedArt: Douglas Kirkland.

The primary bedroom is located in what was once Arthur Rackham’s illustration studio. Though most of the home was furnished with Ora’s existing collection, she did bring in London-based interior designer Joanna Plant (“I like to call her my English rose,” says Ora) to help “tie it all together.” Plant is responsible for the custom-made bed upholstered in a pink Rose Uniacke mohair velvet fabric, as well as the blue sofa from B&B Italia (with a vintage Turkish throw). The bedspread is a vintage suzani from Nushka.

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“The balcony is the most magical thing to wake up to in the morning,” says Ora.

Image may contain Furniture Indoors Room Bedroom Building Housing and Interior Design

“I live in [my closet and glam room]. I’m in there every day. For two to four hours, [I] could be in there doing makeup, hair, interviews, everything happening at once. It feels nice to be able to get ready in my own home,” says Ora.



The black-and-white checkered floor and the double sink were original to the bathroom, but Ora did update other elements.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Outdoors Flagstone Garden Patio Water Vegetation and Plant


Ora worked with Paul Jezioranski of London Gardener on the yard. The garden statues are from Portobello Road.

Image may contain Human Person Furniture Bench Outdoors Garden Clothing Apparel Grass Plant Footwear and Shoe

“The house is so earthy. The garden has its own personality,” says Ora.

Image may contain Plant Tree and Tent


Ora’s weeping willow tree was a big selling point for her when looking at the house. “It just felt like if I didn’t get this house, I’d be an idiot,” she says.

Image may contain Garden Outdoors Arbour Plant and Tree

Ora says her home’s rich history and vintage decor is “super grounding.”

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