The 17 Most Beautiful Starbucks Stores Around the World

From a pastel pink store in Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos, to palatial-level interiors in Paris, these Starbucks locations will surely fill your inner aesthete’s cup

Interiors of starbucks overlooking a coffee farmPhoto: Matt Glac, courtesy of Starbucks

Sabanilla, Costa Rica

It’s quite possible that no Starbucks store offers better views than this one at the Visitor Center at Hacienda Alsacia in Sabanilla, Costa Rica. Opening up to the expansive views of the Poás volcano, the store overlooks a 600-acre coffee farm, allowing visitors to experience a true seed-to-cup experience.

Starbucks roastery in ornate stone building in MilanPhoto: Matt Glac, courtesy of Starbucks. 


This store in Milan was the brand’s third roastery in the world and the first in Europe. Though the façade is undoubtedly stunning, the inside is noteworthy as well: A traditional handcrafted Palladian-style mosaic marble floor defines the interiors.

Pink pastel building with starbucks logo on the frontPhoto: Justin Okoye, courtesy of Starbucks. 

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

This charming store in Grand Turk looks like the brand’s popular pink drink reincarnated in a building form. The hub, which opened in 2019, was painted the pastel hue to honor the traditional light façades found across the island.

Modernist starbucks building multiple cuboid volumes night timePhoto: Stefanus Elliot Lee, courtesy of Starbucks. 

Bali, Indonesia

In Bali, you’ll find this modernist Starbucks inside the company’s Dewata Coffee Sanctuary. Spanning 1,500 square feet, the design was inspired by Balinese Besek baskets.

Interiors of a starbucks store dark walls with modern furniture throughoutPhoto: Andrew Hendry, courtesy of Starbucks. 


If you visit this Starbucks in London, you can kill two birds with one stone. Not only can you get a cup of coffee, but you’ll also be inside the city’s Battersea Power Station, which just so happens to be one of AD’s 2023 Works of Wonder.

Starbucks in Dubai with large green sculptural ceiling decorPhoto: Courtesy of Starbucks 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Bluewater Reserve)

Like many things in Dubai, the interiors of this Starbucks are designed to make a statement. Notably, this location is also the brand’s thousandth branch in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Starbucks on a cobblestone street with a pinkred facadePhoto: Matt Glac, courtesy of Starbucks. 

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

The Starbucks design team worked with local artists and designers to restore and convert a historic private residence dating back to the 1930s into a store. This location also houses a serene back terrace, ideal for anyone whose favorite part of their coffee-drinking experience is sitting back and relaxing.

Starbucks with timber logs along facades and large windows. View of mountains in the foregroundPhoto: Courtesy of Starbucks.

Ketchum, Idaho

Appearing like a quintessential blend of national-parks-service rustic A-frame design and a log cabin, this store makes perfect sense in Ketchum, Idaho. Of course the views of the Smoky Mountains only make the coffee spot that much more beautiful.

Located in an area nicknamed Forest City it makes sense that a Starbucks in Savannah honors this title. Hundreds of live...Photo: Sandra Wilson, courtesy of Starbucks 


Located in an area nicknamed Forest City, it makes sense that a Starbucks in Savannah honors this title. Hundreds of live oaks and Spanish moss–draped trees line the cobblestoned city streets, hence this stunning art installation hanging just above the coffee bar.

Modern Starbucks with large windows in a gardenPhoto: Courtesy of Starbucks 


While you’re visiting Tokyo’s Imperial Palace, you can get your caffeine fix at this Starbucks conveniently located in the same grounds. Besides its sleek façade, it’s also a Starbucks Greener Store, meaning it’s designed to reduce its carbon, water, and waste footprint.

Starbucks store with arched ceiling and large brown mural on one wallPhoto: Courtesy of Starbucks 

Valletta, Malta

It wasn’t until 2019 that Malta got its first Starbucks, and the company certainly aimed to deliver when it came to the store’s design. Featuring floor-to-ceiling wood marquetry and wood and marble finishes, the store’s aesthetic was inspired by Valleta’s heritage as a trading hub.

Starbucks store made from recycled shipping containersPhoto: Courtesy of Starbucks 

Lima, Peru

This store in Lima is the first in Latin America to be built with recycled shipping containers. In addition to a drive-through, the location also has a unique rarity among Starbuckses: a walk-up pedestrian window.

New York City, New York

Spanning 23,000 square feet, Starbucks’ newest reserve store is located inside the Empire State Building. Designed to honor the building’s art deco history, the streamlined interiors are washed in rich jewel tones and ornate gilding.

Via Architectural Digest

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