Tour an Enviable Los Angeles Home With Jaw-Dropping Views

Instead of gravitating toward a shiny and slick aesthetic, this contemporary house is imbued with warmth

Dining Room Building Indoors Architecture Furniture Interior Design Room Dining Table and TableArt: Daniela Schweinsberg/Moberg Gallery

“You’re a grown-up,” Law said to Mangalji early in the project. “You’re having a dining table.” Mangalji had wanted to have only a pool table, but Law was able to accommodate both in the living area, which serves as a dining room and lounge. The Atra dining table is surrounded by six Thomas Hayes chairs. Above a 1930s Charles Dudouyt sideboard, purchased at Orange, is Work No. 2015.34 by Daniela Schweinsberg, whose bursting dashes of electric blue and lime liven up the otherwise neutral palette.

A Gaggenau cooktop is recessed in a long white marble island by Henrybuilt. A sliver of light streams in above the cabinets.

Gaggenau cooktop is recessed in a long white marble island by Henrybuilt. A sliver of light streams in above the cabinets.

Indoors Interior Design Furniture Table Desk Wood Candle Dining Table Hardwood and Stained WoodArt: © 2022 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Licensed by Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

The custom banquette by Charlie Carden is upholstered in Maharam fabrics—the floral one referencing the arborous media room. The table, with a fluted central post, is a collaboration between Elizabeth Law Design and Thomas Hayes. The eight skateboards above the banquette, which were found by Mangalji, are also a collaboration—this time between Skateroom and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

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One of Mangalji’s requests was that he had to be able to watch the game (which sport? All of them!). Law won the argument to not have a TV in the living area, so a media room was created. The Cole & Son tree-covered wallpaper brings nature into the only room in the house without a window. An Andromeda Constellation light by Jane Hallworth was installed on the Portola limewashed ceiling. The custom Thomas Hayes coffee table and vintage mohair poufs are from Orange.

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Mangalji leans, barefoot, against his beloved Sean Woolsey pool table. Behind him is an Angle of Repose shelf made by Oz Shop, which was purchased in advance, so that the stone walls could be cut to fit around it.

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In the primary bedroom, woody tones from the marble are accentuated by the walnut of the custom Thomas Hayes bed, vintage bench from Den, and vintage grasshopper chaise from Oz Shop, which was purchased before the project broke ground. The custom sliding door is by Riviera Bronze.

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A bench upholstered in navy mohair from Maharam sits in the middle of the dual closet by CJS Woodworking. Mangalji was extremely involved with the design of this space. Law says he had it (and the bathroom) redrawn “zillions of times.”

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Blu Bathworks tub sits right next to windows that can slide open, overlooking the lawn, with the city beyond it. “We had a big battle about which way the veining of the marble should go,” Law says. She won out, with a horizontal orientation that she considers more “elegant” being emphasized.

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Harbor Classic furniture sits on the limestone patio. The original pool was filled and a new infinity pool was installed to further capitalize on the view.

Via Architectural Digest 

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