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Who’s Equity-Rich? Map of US Housing Shows Big Pandemic Shift

Equity-rich levels nearly doubled at end-2022 vs 3 years ago

Share of equity-rich exceeded 50% in 19 states last quarter

The pandemic housing boom has seen home-equity wealth surge all over the country — but the gains aren’t evenly distributed.

The share of equity-rich mortgages — those that have a loan-to-value ratio of 50% or lower, meaning the mortgage holder’s equity stake is at least 50%  — almost doubled in the past three years according to new data released by Attom, a real estate data analytics firm. Almost half of all mortgaged homes now fall into that category.  The equity share is even bigger when homeowners who don’t owe any debt are included.

Home Wealth Gains

Percentage share increases of equity-rich mortgaged homes by state

Source: Attom, Bloomberg calculations

In general, states in the south and west of the country have seen the biggest gains. Out of the 20 zip codes that had the fastest increase in the share of equity-rich mortgages over the last three years, 13 were in Florida, according to Attom’s data. Some 62% of mortgaged properties in the state were equity-rich as of December, up 36 percentage points from the end of 2019.

The northeast of the US hasn’t done so well overall — except in its furthest corner. In Vermont, for example, the share of mortgaged homes that are equity-rich surged to 77% last quarter, from 31% three years earlier.

At the other end, among the 20 zip codes that have seen the largest downward shift in the share of equity-rich properties, 15 are in the New York City and San Francisco areas.

Equity-Rich US Homes Surged During Pandemic

Almost half of mortgaged US properties were equity-rich last quarter

Source: Attom Note: Equity-rich means the property owner had at least 50% equity.

Via Bloomberg

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