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6 Garage Renovation Ideas That Boost the Value of Your Home

Projects that start at $100 and make all the difference when it comes to recouping costs

Sure, you can look at the garage as a hub to keep cars, but with just a bit of garage renovation know-how, finishing an outdated or bare-basics shell of a space has serious benefits that provide more than additional storage. “A nice garage can boost the value of a house because it becomes a place with additional functionality instead of a disorganized space,” explains Candice Williams, a realtor at Coldwell Banker in Houston. She says the ROI on a garage renovation is typically between 64% to 81%.

“Because few homeowners take the time to enhance their garage space, a home with improvements in the garage will stand out to buyers and increase the likelihood of multiple offers when it’s time to sell the property,” Williams continues. Depending on the location of the garage, it can also enhance curb appeal, making your home even more desirable.

Believe it or not, spending as little as $100 updating the garage can make a difference. Spend a bit more, and vroom! The transformation can take you to the (selling) finish line that much faster. Here, expert advice on garage renovation ideas—from epoxy floors to tricked out lighting to ultimate storage—for every budget.

For $100

Trust in paint to get your garage looking prim.Trust in paint to get your garage looking prim. Photo: Jodi Jacobson

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, and this extends to the garage. “It’s a great way to increase the perceived value of your garage and home,” says Heather Mastrangeli, principal designer at Innovatus Design in Downers Grove, Illinois. “Potential buyers will notice the fresh feeling a painted garage has, and it sets the tone for how the rest of the home has been maintained.”

To enhance the paint job, consider better lighting. Garages are notorious for having either dim or harsh lights. “If you replace those fluorescent lights with LED puck lights, you’ll no longer worry about changing light bulbs again,” says Jenn Smith, architect and designer in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And the brightly-lit space will automatically be more appealing.

If your garage floor has seen better days, or you just want it to look as impressive as the flooring in your home, upgrading it is another inexpensive renovation idea. “It’s one of the simplest and least expensive upgrades you can do in the garage,” says Joe I. Human, founder and principal designer of Designs by Human in New York City. “There are a couple of ways to do this depending on the size of the space: You can paint it with an epoxy paint. There are also several other sealers and non-slip mixes that you can use to improve the floor’s appearance and also make it more durable and easier to clean over time.”

For $500

Control clutter with plenty of storage space.Control clutter with plenty of storage space. Photo: Jodi Jacobson

Instead of rakes and other yard tools strewn throughout the garage, consider corraling the clutter. “Install wall shelving to help keep items organized, and simple wall shelves on brackets (or cables) allow for order,” Mastrangeli says. “By keeping garage items orderly, the space appears much larger and potential homebuyers will focus on other aspects of the space instead of clutter.”

And if you have more money to spend, you can also upgrade to better lighting options. “The standard garage usually has one dim light on the door motor and maybe one other smaller fixture or fluorescent light,” Human says. Depending on the side of the garage, he recommends upgrading the spacing and number of fixtures to brighten the space. For example, LED shop lights and a few sets of under cabinet lighting can trick out your garage.


For $1,000

Upgrade garage storage units to make DIY projects more organized.Upgrade garage storage units to make DIY projects more organized. Photo: Aneese

If you’re prepared to spend a grand to reno your garage, Smith recommends installing or building organizational storage units. “By tidying up and eliminating clutter, you’ll have space to actually park your car.” Mastrangeli agrees and adds that investing in a workbench and closed storage is a great way to make the garage feel more open and increase the value of the home.”

The extra money can take your garage lighting to another level as well. “Lighting upgrades in garages are highly coveted, especially by future homeowners who plan to use the garage as a workshop as well,” Mastrangeli says. “Large LED lights that fully illuminate the space will make the garage feel larger, show off its cleanliness, and improve the resale value.”


For $2,000

A better storage system can go a long way when it comes boosting the ROI.A better storage system can go a long way when it comes boosting the ROI.  Photo: Slobo Mitic

Other high-end options include elaborate garage storage systems and storage cabinets, some of which include pull-down ceiling systems. Mastrangeli also recommends exploring the idea of creating a garage loft (with steps leading to a second level). “They are great ways to store items while creating the illusion of more space, and this helps the garage to feel larger, thus increasing the home value for potential buyers,” she explains.

Upgrade your floor even further with rubber flooring tiles that are made for garages. “They are typically clicked together, hide stains that have developed over time, and provide good surface area for working if using the garage as double duty,” Mastrangeli says.


For $5,000

Trim Tech Designs fuses garage storage with mudroomlike elements for extra functionality.Trim Tech Designs fuses garage storage with mudroom-like elements for extra functionality. Photo: Erin Konrath/@erinkonrath

You can also give your garage design added functionality, say as a quasi mudroom, by adding space for coats, shoes, and sports equipment in the prettiest way possible. Lindsey Dyer and Steve White, the designers working with Trim Tech Designs in Naperville, Illinois, implemented luxe wood-grain finishes, solid satin brass ladder rails, black steel, and backsplash to make the space beyond ordinary.

At this price point, you can get a professional garage floor coating service to come out and redo your garage floor. “This will cover existing damage and protect the floor from future harm caused by tires, leaks, and other items stored in the garage,” Smith says.


For $10,000

6 Garage Renovation Ideas That Boost the Value of Your HomePhoto: marchello74

Both Human and Smith say $10,000 is more than enough to radically change the look of your garage doors. “Take the garage door update one step further and install an insulated wood-grain door with windows and decorative carriage-style hardware,” Smith recommends.

At this price point, you can also combine a variety of features like a mini fridge, a smart garage door opener, and even a TV and a sound system should you want to use the space as a lounge area during the warm months.

Via Architectural Digest

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