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7 Striking Monochromatic Cities Around the World

From Morocco’s “Blue City” Chefchaouen to South Korea’s “Purple Islands,” these single-toned towns embody their signature hue

Purple roofed buildings reflected in water in the foreground forest in backgroundPhoto: AaronChoi/Getty Images

Banwol and Bakji Islands, South Korea

Just off the western coast of South Korea are the small islands of Banwol and Bakji, with a combined population of approximately 150 residents. In an effort to increase tourism to the area, the local government devised a strategy to give the islands something that might appeal to visitors. They decided to build their campaign around the purple bellflowers that grow in the area by painting various structures, including telephone poles, shops, and some 400 roofs on the islands the color lilac. In keeping with the theme, officials also planted thousands more purple plants, including 30,000 New England asters and over 20,000 square feet of lavender fields. The two islands are linked by a bridge—which is, of course, purple.

Village comprised entirely of red structures surrounded by green fields and forest in backgroundPhoto: Luc Olivier/Getty Images

Collonges-la-Rouge, France

Nearly all of the buildings in this medieval commune share the same scarlet hue thanks to the local red sandstone with which they were constructed. Beyond the beauty of its ruddy complexion, other architectural details of Collonges-la-Rouges (such as its many turreted structures and charming cobblestone pathways) give the town a distinctly fairytale-like charm. Its roots trace all the way back to the eighth century, when the monks of the Charroux abbey established a priory in the area.

Ornate pink palace Hawa Mahal against a pink sky pink buildings in backgroundPhoto: Jackyenjoyphotography/Getty Images

Jaipur, India

In anticipation of an 1876 visit from the Prince of Wales (who would later become King Edward VII), Raja Sawai Ram Singh I decided to coat the buildings of Jaipur in a festive pink. Over a century later, “the Pink City of India was officially registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 2019. The jewel of Rajasthan’s capital is its decadent salmon-hued Hawa Mahal, which translates to “Palace of Winds,” named so for its efficient ventilation system. According to the Hawa Mahal’s website, the pink and red sandstone structure is the world’s tallest building without a foundation.

Via Architectural Digest 

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