9 Stunning Homes Built Into Cliffs

From the Slovenian Kamnik Alps to Calamuchita Valley in Argentina, these homes come with incredible views—if you don’t mind the heights

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Cliff Retreat by Alex Hogrefe 

Though not realized yet, Alex Hogrefe of Visualizing Architecture designed this home to examine “the insertion of architecture into a sensitive landscape,” he told Toromanoff. Cliff Retreat, envisioned to grip the edge of a cliff in Iceland, becomes an extension of the natural environment.

Concrete house perched on cliffsPhoto: Marià Castelló 

Concrete House by Marià Castelló and José Antonio Molin

Built in 2021, this brutalist home clinging to the mountains in Port de la Selva, Spain, was designed by Marià Castelló and José Antonio Molin. “Pure concrete was selected to match the geological features as well as to make the structure robust and minimize the maintenance,” Toromanoff writes in the book.

Photo of linear home with a flat roof looking over a mountainPhoto: Federico Cairoli

Casa MF by Alarciaferrer Arquitectos

A linear home made from two volumes, “This concrete house taking on strict geometric forms cannot be more different from its wild site,” Toromanoff writes of Casa MF by Alarciaferrer Arquitectos. The property looks out over the Calamuchita Valley in Argentina and a makes use of two levels: the upper of which is cantilevered over the mountains, is mainly devoted to communal spaces, and the lower one has bedrooms and a pool.


Home on a cliff featuring stacked volumesPhoto: Benjamin Hosking

Lakehouse by Collective Project

Stacked volumes define this home balanced above the Durgam Cheruvu Lake in Hyderabad, India. A steel structure clad with local granite juxtaposes floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a home that feels both extremely heavy and like it’s floating at the same time.

Modern home with large overhanging roof on a hillPhoto: Nicolaüs Sanchez

PR House by Triangular Arquitectos

Concrete retaining walls were used to help shape the terrain in Cunco, Chile, where this home by Triangular Arquitectos stands. With a finished design full of geometric forms, framing the view was the primary goal of the architects.

Rectangular home that appears to be sliding off the mountainPhoto: Yorgos Kordakis 

Patio House by OOAK 

Located in Karpathos, Greece, this home, dubbed the Patio House, was designed by Johan Annerhed, Maria Papafigou, and Marie Kojzar of OOAK Architects as a summer home for a family with kids. A 22-hour boat ride from Athens, the home is dramatically perched on textured cliffs that overlook the Aegean Sea. The property isn’t supposed to blend in with the surrounding environment, but rather was conceived to appear as an object balanced delicately in the natural world.

Via Architectural Digest

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