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High net worth individuals from around the world come to Beverly Hills not just for business and real estate, but also for quality education. Here's what you need to know about Beverly Hills schools.


Beverly Hills schools are known for high academic standards and an unwavering commitment to offering a wide range of opportunities for academic advancement and personal enrichment. The city's school system has produced numerous high-profile alumni who have gone on to have successful careers in business, media, and entertainment.

Moreover, students live in a city that provides access to a wealth of resources and facilities outside of campus. These include the Beverly Hills Public Library, The Paley Center for Media, The Roxbury Park Community Center, Mr. Brainwash Art Museum, and Frederick R Weisman Art Foundation. They can also rely on qualified teachers and counselors for support and guidance.

Private and Public Schools

The city is served by the Beverly Hills Unified School District (BHUSD), which provides public school education and other related services. In addition to public schools, the city is also home to several private schools, including Good Shepherd Catholic School and Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy.


BHUSD is an esteemed public school district with some of the highest performing schools in the United States. It serves more than 3,300 students and employs about 554 classified and certificated staff. Only residents of Beverly Hills are allowed to attend public schools, with a few exceptions.

The only non-residents allowed to enroll in Beverly Hills public schools are children of employees who work more than 20 hours per week at BHUSD or the City of Beverly Hills. A small number of international students are allowed to join the multicultural program. Non-residents who have received a permit through the Interdistrict Transfer process can also attend public schools here.

However, all applicants are subject to eligibility criteria and approval by BHUSD. View the criteria for eligibility here .

The Beverly Hills Unified School District consists of the following schools:

Elementary Schools Middle Schools High Schools

Facilities And Education

Beverly Hills schools offer modern and well-maintained facilities for student use. Here are some of the most notable facilities within BHUSD’s schools:

  • Beverly Hills High School features several facilities, including the main academic building, library, cafeteria, performing arts center, and athletic facilities. The campus features modern classrooms equipped with advanced technology. It also has a variety of sports fields, ball courts, and tracks.
  • El Rodeo School has a main building with updated classrooms, science and computer labs, a library, music room, and several outdoor spaces, including a courtyard and playground.
  • Hawthorne School has a playground, sports field, library, and dedicated computer and science labs.
  • Horace Mann School features modern classrooms and computer and science labs as well as a library, playground, and sports field.
  • Beverly Vista School has a playground, garden, and sports field in addition to a library and computer and science labs.
Beverly Hills Schools

The city's public schools have undergone renovations and upgrades to ensure that students have access to safe, modern, and engaging learning environments. Here are some of the recent renovation projects:

  • Beverly Vista Elementary School is undergoing a $125 million renovation project led by Dougherty + Dougherty Architects and Rudolph & Sletten. The modernization of the existing campus involves the partial demolition of the Theater Building and structural strengthening of its remaining portions as well as of the auditorium and the historic Bell Tower.
    Builders will erect a new two-story masonry and steel frame addition to the south and east of the auditorium and Bell Tower along with a single-story wood frame for a kindergarten classroom and support spaces on the west side.
  • Beverly Hills High School will have a new Science & Technology Building with science labs, math classrooms, collaborative work areas, a 100-seat lecture hall, lobby, and multi-purpose Educational Development Center. The project is worth $29.2 million, with LPA Architects and Rudolph & Sletten in charge of design and construction.

BHUSD also prioritizes the use of technology in learning, having provided students with Chromebooks, iPads, and other gadgets in the past.

Awards and Recognitions
  • Beverly Hills schools have received numerous awards and recognitions over the years — a testament to the caliber of the city’s schools.
  • Beverly Hills High School was named a National Blue Ribbon School in 2021 for overall academic excellence.
  • Horace Mann School has been recognized as a California Distinguished School and National Blue Ribbon School. It also received the Title I Academic Achievement Award for closing the achievement gap among students.
  • El Rodeo School has been named a California Distinguished School and National Blue Ribbon School with a Title I Academic Achievement Award and Title III Academic Achievement Award for exceptional academic achievement.
  • Hawthorne School is a California Distinguished School and National Blue Ribbon School with a Title I Academic Achievement Award and Title III Academic Achievement Award for its commitment to academic excellence.
  • Beverly Vista School is also a California Distinguished School and National Blue Ribbon School. It has received the Title I Academic Achievement Award and Title III Academic Achievement Award.
Faculty and Teachers

According to the U.S. News & World Report, 100% of BHUSD teachers are licensed while 97.4% have at least three years of professional experience. Additionally, BHUSD has four full-time counselors on staff. Counselors support the academic, social, and emotional development of students. They provide a wide range of services, including crisis intervention and personal, academic, and career counseling.

Student-Teacher Ratio

The student-teacher ratio measures the number of students against the number of teachers in a school or district. This figure can have an impact on the quality of education that students receive. The BHUSD student-to-teacher ratio is 14:1, which is lower than the California state average.

A lower student-teacher ratio generally means that teachers are more available to work with students, offering personalized attention and instructions to meet their individual needs. This can potentially create better academic results for students.

Student Diversity

Students from diverse backgrounds bring a wealth of perspectives and experiences to the classroom, creating a richer learning experience. Student diversity can also create a more inclusive academic environment that helps broaden horizons. The Beverly Hills Unified School District has a fairly diverse student population with students of Asian, African, Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Alaska Native backgrounds. BHUSD has a minority enrollment of 30% and 8.4% of the student body is made up of English language learners.

The district's student body also has excellent gender representation – 49% of students are female while 51% are male, according to data from the U.S. News & World Report.

Education Spending and Expenses

BHUSD has an annual revenue of $116,384,000 and spends about $22,514 per student each year — much higher than the national average of $13,185 per student in K-12. The district spends $11,525.3 million on instruction and $7,983.3 million on supportive services.

92.7% of its revenue comes from local sources such as real estate taxes while 5.7% and 1.6% comes from state and Federal sources, respectively.

Academic Performance

BHUSD has an A+ grade from Niche and an overall rating of 10 out of 10 from Public School Review. Beverly Hills HS rankings are some of the highest in California. The U.S. News & World Report breaks down math and reading proficiency levels from elementary to high school:

  • 64% of elementary school students have tested at or above the proficiency level for mathematics and 76% tested at or above that level for reading.
  • 67% of middle school students have tested at or above the proficiency level for math and 75% tested at or above the same level for reading.
  • 61% of high school students have tested at or above the proficiency level for math and 68% tested at or above proficiency for reading.

Beverly Hills High School notably ranks in the top 10% of California public schools for reading and language arts proficiency, and in the top 20% for highest math proficiency, according to data from Public School Review.

A high percentage of students go on to attend prestigious colleges and universities, such as California Polytechnic University, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, New York University, University of Southern California, and the various campuses of the University of California system.

View the college acceptance list for the BHHS Class of 2022.

Average Graduation Rate

The average graduation rate measures the percentage of students who have successfully completed their high school education on time. A high graduation rate is usually indicative of the quality and effectiveness of the school system as well as the performance of the students within that system.

BHUSD has a high school graduation rate of 96%, while the U.S. News & World Report gave the district a rating of 54 for college-readiness. Beverly Hills High School also ranks in the top 10% for highest graduation rate among public schools in California, according to Public School Review.

These figures suggest that Beverly Hills students are well-prepared for college and advanced studies, and that the district has been successful in providing quality education and support for all students.

Notable Graduates

Beverly Hills High School has a long list of famous and high-profile alumni, including:

  • Angelina Jolie, actor and former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) special envoy
  • Elinor Ostrom, political scientist, economist, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
  • Lenny Kravitz, musician
  • Nora Ephron, journalist and screenwriter
  • Pauly Shore, actor and filmmaker
  • Sam Nazarian, entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Slash (aka Saul Hudson), Guns N' Roses guitarist
  • Stacy Margolin, former professional tennis player
Beverly Hills Schools


The Beverly Hills education system is highly regarded for its rigorous and well-rounded curriculum, offering students a wide range of options from kindergarten through high school.

Education Period

Beverly Hills follows the traditional American education system, in which students attend school from kindergarten through 12th grade. Students typically attend primary and secondary school for 12 years before pursuing higher education. Secondary school usually encompasses two programs, namely middle school (sometimes called junior high school) and high school.

However, the education period for students in Beverly Hills can last for 13 to 14 years, depending on whether they enter the school system in kindergarten or first grade. Kindergarten is open to children who will turn five years old on or before the start of the academic year. Most children begin primary or elementary school at around the age of six.

Elementary school education usually covers grades K-8, with students attending a K-5 school before moving on to middle school to attend grades 6-8. After middle school, many students go on to attend Beverly Hills High School, a first-rate public high school.

The Beverly Hills education system offers international students a wide range of options, particularly for English learners as well as those who wish to get into an American college or university.

K-5 (Kindergarten to 5th Grade)

The K-5 curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation in core subjects and to encourage the social and emotional development of young students. Beverly Hills elementary schools teach reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts to students in K-5.

Here are some of the main areas of focus of the K-5 curriculum in Beverly Hills:

  • Language, reading, and vocabulary – Instructors in K-5 help students develop their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Students participate in a wide range of activities, including storytelling, reading, and writing exercises. The curriculum emphasizes the development of basic vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Mathematics – The K-5 mathematics curriculum helps students build a strong foundation in basic mathematical concepts and skills. Instructors teach students problem-solving and mathematical reasoning as well as how to explain mathematical ideas effectively.
  • Science – K-5 students are taught scientific inquiry and critical thinking through hands-on learning. The curriculum usually covers topics like geoscience and life science.
  • Social Studies – The curriculum covers history, geography, and government. Students develop critical thinking and social awareness through reading and writing.
  • Arts – K-5 students participate in art, crafts, music, and drama class for personal growth.
  • Physical Education – The K-5 curriculum promotes physical fitness, teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship through sports, games, and physical education classes.

Middle School (6th to 8th Grade)

The middle school curriculum typically includes core and elective subjects, elective courses, and extracurricular activities. It is meant to offer students a comprehensive education that simultaneously challenges and prepares them for success in high school and college.

Here are some of the key areas of the middle school curriculum in Beverly Hills:

  • Language and literature – Middle school education puts an emphasis on critical thinking, analysis, and communication. Instructors teach students how to read and write effectively for different purposes and audiences. Students are usually tasked with literary analysis, persuasive writing, and research projects.
  • Mathematics – The curriculum builds on the foundational skills of problem-solving and mathematical reasoning from elementary school. During middle school, students typically study algebra and geometry in preparation for higher-level math in high school.
  • Science – Middle school students participate in hands-on experiments and scientific inquiry to hone their critical thinking skills. The curriculum usually covers physical science, life science, and Earth science.
  • Social Studies – The curriculum draws students' attention to different cultures, civilizations, and political and economic systems from Western history and around the world.
  • Electives – Middle school students can sign up for elective courses in art, music, drama, and physical education. Elective courses encourage students to discover their talents and interests as well as build leadership and communication skills.

High School (9th to 12th Grade)

The high school curriculum typically includes core and elective courses as well as advanced placement (AP) courses and extracurricular activities in a variety of subjects to prepare students for college and the workforce. Students choose elective courses based on their personal interests and academic goals.

  • The core curriculum covers English, mathematics, science, social studies, and world languages .
  • Elective courses usually cover the visual arts, computer science, journalism, and physical education . Other elective courses at Beverly Hills High School may also include drama, dance, music, film, digital photography, and computer programming.
  • In addition to core and elective courses, BHHS offers advanced placement (AP) courses , or college-level courses that enable students to earn college credit and explore specific subjects.
  • The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) system enables BHHS to monitor student performance and help determine whether they qualify for AP courses, high-level courses, or school honors. Colleges or universities may also waive introductory classes based on high test scores.
  • BHHS also offers special programs on the performing arts, business, and entrepreneurship. The performing arts program covers theater, dance, and music while the business and entrepreneurship programs include accounting, marketing, and business law.


Private schools offer an alternative to the public school system. Private schools in Beverly Hills have smaller student populations with varying tuition fees. These schools have high academic standards and qualified teachers dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential. Students have access to a wide range of resources and supportive services to help them succeed.

Private schools in Beverly Hills value community and relationships. Since private schools generally have fewer students than public schools, they often have tight-knit communities where students and parents build lasting connections.

Private schools also offer a variety of extracurricular activities in art, music, and athletics, giving students the opportunity to build friendships, pursue interests outside of academics, and qualify for college scholarships.

Top-Performing Private Schools in Beverly Hills

Some of the most reputable private schools in and around Beverly Hills include:


Beverly Hills is also located near several colleges and universities, including:

Beverly Hills Schools


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