5 Beauty And Lifestyle Essentials For Post-Vaccine Living

With more and more Americans receiving their Covid vaccinations each day, we’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While it may be a little while longer before we get to pre-Covid normal, slowly but surely, we’re seeing restrictions loosen and life starting to thrive once more.

As we head into a summer that serves as a transitional period—no longer in the height of the pandemic but not out of the woods just yet—you’re likely to start venturing back into regular activities, like outdoor dining, park and beach picnics, and meeting up with friends and family. Even if you’ve received your vaccine, you’ll still want to practice caution and keep clean and healthy, especially when going out to public places once more.

Here are five things you can keep on hand to keep you healthy and bring peace of mind during this transitional summer:

1) Hand Sanitizer

We’ve all become obsessed with hand sanitizer, and as you start to head out and and about once more, you’ll want to keep some in handy.

2) Sunscreen

Heading outside more? You should be wearing plenty of sunscreen! I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed my skin is much more sensitive to the sun after a year of spending so much time at home and inside.

3) Touch-Up Makeup

If you’ve been going makeup-free all quarantine, it’s time to get back into the swing of things and start having fun with your makeup once more!

4) Face Masks & Accessories

Speaking of face masks, you’ll still need to wear these for a little while longer while vaccinations continue to roll out. Turn your protective mask into a style statement with mask chains and fun printed styles.

5) UV Sanitizer

Throughout the past year, our standards for cleanliness have been raised, and I for one am embracing these higher standards for good. While we now know that COVID doesn’t tend to spread through surfaces, it’s still been nice to adopt practices that keep germs and bacteria away.

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