Amazing birthday and business tour to Prague and Berlin

I had always heard about the romantic city of Prague left completely untouched during WWII and it certainly lived up to all of my expectations. From the divine Swan Lake ballet at their magnificent Opera House and a stroll through the exceptional town square with the Gothic cathedral in the background, to a tour in the Model T Ford which carried tourists around the city, I fell in love with this charming place city. The wonderful bridges that span the river that divides the city, the castle on the hill overlooking all of Prague, and the warmhearted Czech people all combined to make this an ideal visit.

After Prague it was off by train to Berlin, giving me a chance to see the beautiful European countryside. Once in Berlin, it was a whirlwind of activity. I loved our wonderful hotel “The SOHO House”. I can’t thank Ambassador John Emerson and his wife, Kimberly Marteau, for their gracious hospitality.

All of this was Followed by a trip to see King Frederick’s castle at Sanssouci.

We drove over the famous Cold War spy exchange bridge and I fell in love with the famous Brandenburg Gate and Winged Victory. Nothing was left out of this amazing visit.

The Jewish memorial behind our Embassy was a jolting experience but quite spectacular. The rising culture of Berlin is evident everywhere and especially in the art scene with their amazing Museum Island and proliferation of fantastic contemporary art galleries. There wasn’t a night that we didn’t have a terrific dinner. I even gained a few pounds on their fabulous schnitzel! It’s a city you want to visit again and again as there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Coldwell Banker is expanding into the area and it was great to see our company covering the globe! Oh, did I forget the fabulous Frank Gehry building between the American Embassy and the famous Adlon Hotel?

We had an incredible tour of a bank building by appointment only, marking the fantastic architecture of this world-renowned architect and lunch on top of the German Parliament Building. And do not forget the fantastic Berlin Symphony – wow! Auf Wiedersehen, Berlin. What an amazing trip!

Joyce Rey
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