Could You Justify This One Million Dollar Bed?

Hästens, a luxury Swedish bed maker, recently unveiled its most opulent offering

A one million dollar bed might seem like something that only exists in dreams—or perhaps nightmares, depending on who you ask—but there’s no need to get any shut-eye to see this vision come to life. Hästens, a 172-year-old luxury Swedish bed maker, has just debuted its most opulent offering, the Grand Vividus bed set. Priced at $1 million, the three-piece collection includes a mattress, headboard, and base.

To craft the Grand Vividus bed set, the Swedish bed makers teamed up with designer Ferris Rafauli, who is more than familiar with designing for black-card clients, making the collaboration for an indulgent product all the more appropriate. The two parties previously joined forces on the Grand Vividus mattress and base, which costs $660,000 and was unveiled in 2020 to much fanfare. Interest only grew after it was showcased in Drake’s Toronto mansion, which was also designed by Rafauli. Now, the full bed set represents a new frontier in the company’s pursuit of the ultimate sleep offering.

A generic view at the preview of Being an exclusive collaboration between Hastens beds and Ilse Crawford at the Notting HillA Hästens store in London Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images

What could warrant this exorbitant price? According to Hästens, artisan craftsmanship and world-class materials. The bed set is made from leather, polished wood, suede, and brass adornments. The mattress is handcrafted and filled with natural materials such as horse tail hair, wool, and cotton. The wingback headboard is upholstered with mohair, with poplin piping along the side. “The Grand Vividus is entirely handmade, and it takes our master craftsmen—some of which have been with the brand for over 40 years—over 600 hours to assemble and hand-stitch each mattress and its trunk-inspired base,” Bradley Belen, managing director of Hästens for MadaLuxe Group’s home division, explains. The bed set comes in four colors: black shadow, traditional blue, phantom charcoal, and natural shale.

Black bed in a styled photoThe Grand Vividus bed set in charcoal Photo: Hästens/Kim Seruk

The one million dollar bed is currently on display at Hästens’s Houston showroom located at River Oaks District, an upscale shopping destination. “Houston is very much a global and sophisticated city with a deep appreciation for luxury products, style, and design, making it a target market for the Hästens brand,” Belen says. “Houston’s River Oaks District is the city’s premier destination for bespoke shopping, dining, arts, and culture, all of which complement Hästens’s brand and product offerings.”

For now, if people want to experience the full bed set in person, they’ll have to pay a visit to the Lone Star State. However, other Hästens showrooms carry the mattress and base for potential customers to explore. But is buying a $1 million bed really worth it? Value lies in the heart and mind of the beholder (or perhaps more appropriately, the sleeper), but the company believes it is among the greatest investments one could make for their health. As Belen says, “Now more than ever, health and wellness are a top priority in our everyday lives. We spend much of our lives in bed, and, as such, a perfect night’s sleep is essential for achieving optimal health.”

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