Going Up: The Latest In Hotel Accommodations

One thing about real estate you can usually count on: it’s down to earth. Even supertall skyscrapers and John Lautner’s Chemosphere have their feet on the ground.

Until now. Orion Span has opened their waitlist for 12-day stays on Aurora Station. Located 200 miles above earth, the orbiting hotel will travel round the home planet every 90 minutes, offering “countless sunrises and sunsets” for the six people aboard. To pass their days, guests will have “a remarkable Astronaut Experience” including “important work that directly contributes to humanity’s destiny in the stars.”

According to Orion Span, Aurora Station will launch in late 2021 and host its first guests in 2022. They are accepting deposits of $80,000 to get on the waitlist and anticipate trip cost of $9.5 million per person (roughly $792,000 per night). Suites accommodate two. You won’t find this one on TripAdvisor. Yet.

And by the way, while they’re at it, Orion Span is also planning Orbital Space Condos.

Joyce Rey
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