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After hearing Brett, CEO of New Story, speak at Inman Luxury Connect, we wanted to come together and fund one $6,000 home. This post gives you context on New Story’s mission and why we’re working with such an incredible and innovative organization. View Photo Album >>

New Story is currently on a mission to deplete the tent slum of Nuevo Custcátlan in El Salvador. With 90 families living in constant danger, a home means safety, health, and the opportunity to thrive. I’ve started a campaign to help a family in need move into a safe home for only $6,000.

Life without a reliable home means families must focus on their survival each and every day. They are overcome by searching for clean water and sanitation rather than earning income among other things. Life’s basic needs are consistently unmet here.

If we’re able to fund the home, New Story will send us a family profile of exactly who we helped, and a move-in video when the home is complete! Also, 100% of donations will go to home construction.

We’re partnering with New Story and Give Back Homes (which I’m a proud member!) to help bring a foundation and hope to not just one family, but to the entire community. With safety, clean running water, and electricity inside the home, the people of Nuevo Cuscátlan will have access to improved education, better health, and higher income for themselves and future generations.

Thank you for helping me make this New Story a reality.

Donate here to change the life of a family through a home:

And you can see more about the problems this community faces here.

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