Hotels With Dazzling Art Collections, Private Jet Wellness And More Travel News

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You Can Now Book Estates Where the British Royal Family Has Stayed

Want to watch the sixth and final season of The Crown at an estate that has the royal stamp of approval from the British monarchy? Whether you’re looking to vacation like King Charles III or unwind like Queen Elizabeth II, here are a handful of stunning royalty-approved UK properties that any commoner can book.

VistaJet Unveils Over-The-Top Wellness Experience

The wellness tourism market was valued at $814 billion last year and, by some estimates, is expected to rocket past $2 trillion by 2033. To capitalize on this growing trend, VistaJet recently unveiled the Wellness 360 program on its private jets, which covers pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight travel. Before boarding, passengers can consult with a nutritionist, ensuring that their in-flight meals are customized to their specific needs, which can help minimize the impacts of jet lag and optimize overall vitality. And the program doesn’t stop once the plane lands—passengers can also embark on a 21-day spiritual expedition through Nepal and Bhutan with prayer sessions, a helicopter ride to Mount Everest’s base camp, hiking, and traditional rituals for overall health.

A Guide to Luxury Hotels with Dazzling Art Collections

Plenty of vacationers seek out the world’s best museums and galleries when they travel, but what if you could see great art without ever having to leave your hotel? At Sugar Beach in St. Lucia, for instance, there are works by Andy Warhol, Banksy, Damien Hirst and so many other renowned artists that the resort offers an audio art tour. From London to Hong Kong, here are some luxury hotels with dazzling art collections.

Travel Wise

United Airlines recently announced that it is re-introducing WILMA—its window-to-aisle boarding process—which the airline claims can save an average of two minutes per flight. Those two minutes, in turn, can help United avoid delays, cancellations, and could save the airline as much as $1 million a day. Here’s the math (and science) behind United’s window-to-aisle boarding plan.

6 Places in Europe That Will Pay You to Move There

Plenty of people dream about starting a new life in a seaside town in Italy or a picturesque village in Switzerland, but what has probably been missing from that fantasy is being paid to do it. Across Europe, many communities are offering generous financial incentives to increase the population. Here are six European destinations luring new residents with lucrative cash grants.

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