Inside Basketball Star Kevin Love’s Waterfront Tribeca Apartment

“When I was 18 years old, I had written down in a notebook that I wanted to own an apartment and live in New York by the time I was 30,” says Kevin Love, the star forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers. “And yeah, I closed on and received the key to this apartment three months before my 30th birthday.” And yeah—Love’s stellar Tribeca off-season home can also be added to a roster of other checklist accomplishments: He is also a five-time All-Star player, an NBA championship winner, and a 2012 Olympics gold medalist.

And though New York City was always in his sights, Love took a long time before he found just the right place. Last spring, he moved into a majestic three-bedroom downtown apartment, in a brand-new waterfront construction. “I come from the Pacific Northwest, where we have all the elements,” he explains. “And I was drawn to this place. One of the last undeveloped Tribeca waterfront properties, it was a place where I knew I would be able to just look out the window and see the West Side Highway, the trees, the water, the cityscape across the river. I love being grounded, having that sight line with all the elements.”

Love reached out to Kerry Varnum of Grey Designs to help customize the space and pretty much furnish “from scratch.” (The two had worked together on Love’s Cleveland home.) “Kevin had pulled a lot of images,” says Varnum, of her client’s clear aesthetic direction. “Very New York, very industrial.” Says Love, “I really wanted a mix of classic Tribeca and the American West. You’ll see some Navajo prints and you’ll see the cowboy in the art. I like that mystery, added in with the urban grit.”

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