Inside Hollywood Hitmaker Ryan Murphy’s Serene NYC and L.A. Homes

At the age of eight, I was allowed to decorate my own bedroom. My family’s tract home in Indianapolis backed up to a cornfield, and the overall color scheme leaned heavily on blah/beige. I decided to buck the bland and go bold: olive-green walls, chocolate-brown shag carpeting—and a gold disco ball.

In the years that followed, well into adulthood, that sensibility remained. I preferred bold rooms, collections of items, color and more color. My first house in Los Angeles had a prized teal (!) love seat (it was the ’80s; cut me some slack). And my second home, which the lovely and talented Dakota Johnson now inhabits (AD, April 2020), was a midcentury masterpiece designed by Carl Maston that I fixed up and filled with period-true swatches of saffron and marigold orange and Tynell chandeliers.

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