Latest Trends in Luxury Houses

Buyers in the market for luxury houses need to look no further than the Los Angeles area for the best properties. Once again Los Angeles and Beverly Hills rank high in the number of luxury homes on the market and luxury houses sold over the past year.

Just because Southern California’s place in the luxury market is secure doesn’t mean things . If you’re looking for the latest trends in luxury houses, you can find them in the L.A. area.

Taking the Indoors Outside

One of the best things about Southern California is the year-round beautiful weather. Luxury houses allow owners to take advantage of the sun by connecting the inside with the outside.

Large windows or, for those with a love of contemporary style, full walls made of glass, let the California sun in and can be opened to make your home feel airy. More daring homeowners might choose glass floors or ceilings to make their living space feel less cut off from the outside.

The right outdoor space can effectively expand your home by providing more room when entertaining. Luxury houses often feature great outdoor space like decks, patios, and balconies that can all become extensions of the rooms that open onto them with the right touches. Many pieces of high-end outdoor furniture are just as comfortable as pieces you would find in a living or dining room. Fire pits or outdoor fireplaces ensure your guests will always be comfortable.

Connected Houses

Heating and cooling systems, entertainment systems, and now even whole homes can be controlled with the click of a mouse or a tap on a smartphone. And with more Millennials and Gen X-ers entering the luxury market, connected luxury houses are becoming more the norm.

“Everyone is digitally connected in some way, and that allows you to control your home,” said Eric Thies, Founding Partner of Via Internation.

For luxury houses, automation can be the key to combining security with convenience. In a fully integrated ‘smarthouse’ you can unlock gates and doors, set security alarms, and monitor your property without leaving your living room, are about more than just convenience, though. Homeowners can automate lights, temperature controls, and window openings to take advantage of natural heating and cooling to reduce their carbon footprint.

A New Trend?

Many luxury houses are works of art. In fact, one homeowner decided his home belonged in a museum.

James Goldstein, the owner of the Sheats Goldstein residence, has decided to donate his home to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The home, which has served as the backdrop for many fashion shoots and was featured in “The Big Lebowski,” will belong to the museum along with its gardens, art collection, and Goldstein’s fashion pieces.

“No matter what the taste of people is, whether they like contemporary architecture or not when they come through this house, their mouths drop open and they all seem to love it,” Goldstein said.

He hopes to start a trend of architecturally interesting houses going to museums in the future.

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