New Private Members Club Opens At The Gateway To Antarctica

By Lewis Nunn

Antarctica21 has announced the opening of its new private members club, Explorers House, in Punta Arenas, a port town south of Chilean Patagonia at the gateway to Antarctica.

For twenty years, Antarctica21 has been flying travelers to Antarctica, skipping the sometimes turbulent two-day Drake Passage crossing and exploring the Peninsula on boutique expedition ships carrying less than 100 guests.

Now, with the addition of its private members, Explorers House, passengers can start their journey off in style at this two-story converted Patagonian wool warehouse, welcoming up to 200 guests.

It houses an elegant lounge and bar serving international and Chilean cuisine, a fully-stocked library with over 100 specialist polar travel and nature books, a garden, and a presentation theatre hosting talks on the history of polar exploration.

It also hosts the Antarctic Time Tunnel, a development project of Antarctica21’s Foundation supporting activities in science, art, conservation, and education, contributing to the creation and awareness of Antarctic knowledge.


Jaime Vásquez, Co-founder and President of Antarctica21, says: “As Antarctica21 grew, we began thinking of a space in Punta Arenas where we could welcome our guests in a way that matched the feeling and elegance they would experience on our ships in Antarctica.

This unique, visionary venue will enhance the adventures of Antarctica21’s travelers bound for the icy wilderness of Antarctica.”

Via Forbes

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