Resources to Help Sellers Navigate COVID-19 Challenges and Risks

Staying Updated on COVID-19 Impacts

Even though the housing market is beginning to boom again, things can change quickly. So, savvy sellers should stay informed of any changes to their real estate market.

  • Redfin’s COVID-19 updates provide some of the latest information regarding COVID-19 effects on the housing market but sellers should also check with their agents.
  • Sellers should keep in mind that this recession is very different from 2008’s downturn, which means the housing market is less likely to crash.
  • Even if there is another temporary downturn in the real estate market, luxury properties are still likely to continue selling in 2020.
  • Sellers should also stay abreast of current CDC recommendations regarding social-distancing and other preventative measures.

Cleaning and Disinfecting for COVID-19

For sellers who intend on listing their homes in the coming months, cleanliness will be more important than it ever has been before. Especially in-between and during showings.

  • Avoiding mistakes is key for sellers right now, which includes decluttering and deep cleaning their homes before they list or show them.
  • Sellers should ensure that their homes are cleaned for COVID-19 before and after any in-person showings or open houses.
  • During in-person interactions, hand sanitizer, shoe covers, and other protective equipment should be provided to potential buyers.
  • Where possible, hiring a cleaning service may be the most effective method for keeping properties properly clean and sanitized.

Staging for Online Virtual Showings and Tours

In-person showings may not be practical for some sellers. In fact, they may be downright impossible in some areas but virtual tools can provide safe and effective alternatives.

  • Virtual showings and tours provide buyers with a safe option for viewing homes and sellers can provide either live or prerecorded tours.
  • A 3D mapping app, like Matterport, allows sellers to create another immersive experience for potential home buyers.
  • Staging for online tours involves many of the same steps used to create an inviting and spacious experience during in-person showings.
  • Virtual staging can also be used to highlight the potential of an available property.

COVID-19 doesn’t have to make you think twice about listing your home, but it should encourage you to proceed with caution. At the end of the day, protecting yourself and your family is more important than selling a home, but there are quite a few precautions you can take while staging and showing your property. So, you may want to strike while the market is still hot.

Writer: Alice Robertson

Photo Credit: Pexels

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