The 15 Most Anticipated Cars of 2022 (and They’re All Electric!)

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Cadillac Lyriq

The first all-electric vehicle from America’s longest-lived automotive brand is this mid-size luxury SUV. With handsome and futuristic styling inside and out, high-tech features, and a range of over 300 miles, it is not only positioned for success, but it is also a harbinger of Cadillac’s all-electric future. Bring on the electric Escalade!

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Photo: Courtesy of Ferrari

Ferrari 286 GTB

Though the plug-in motor on this new exotic provides only 15 miles of pure electric range, it adds an intense amount of boost to the already potent turbo-charged V6 for a total of a whomping 819 hp. Expect slingshot-like acceleration, precision handling, and a preview of all-electric Ferraris to come.

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Photo: Courtesy of Ford

Ford F-150 Lightning

This full-size, fully-electric pickup may be the most significant of all forthcoming EVs. Not just because the Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in America for 45 years, but because big trucks guzzle more gas and spew more emissions than most vehicles. Shifts in that segment heighten the impact.

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Photo: Courtesy of GMC

GMC Hummer EV

Like the Ford, this is a fully-electric, full-size truck that promises to shake up a profligate category. Unlike the Ford, it revives an ignominious nameplate from the past. Also, unlike the Ford, it has removable roof panels and up to 1,000 hp—enough to scoot the 9,000-pound truck from 0-60 in just three seconds.

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Photo: Courtesy of Hyundai

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai’s handsome and innovative vehicles have caught our eyes, and this sporting hatchback is no exception. Inspired by a concept penned by the legendary Giorgetto Guigiaro when the brand first launched, this affordable, all-electric, and retro runabout will offer all-wheel drive and a range of up to 300 miles.

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Photo: Courtesy of Jeep

Jeep Wrangler Magneto

Jeep recently dipped its toe into the all-electric category with its 4xe plug-in hybrid, which provides 20 miles of battery range and maintains Jeep ruggedness. But Jeep also teased this concept for a fully-electric Wrangler. Silently and odorlessly crawling through the backcountry seems ideal.

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Photo: Courtesy of Land Rover

Land Rover Range Rover

An all-new Range Rover has been unveiled, and it’s a gorgeous, evolutionary design. The luxury truck’s powertrains have evolved as well. Shortly after it launches in the US this spring, a robust plug-in hybrid version will be available with 60 miles of battery range. A fully electric version will follow in 2024.

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Photo: Courtesy of Lucid

Lucid Air

The phrase “Tesla Beater” is often thrown around in discussions of EVs, but it’s never been more appropriate than with this handsome luxury sedan from American start-up Lucid. It beats the best Teslas on range (520 miles), power (1,111 hp), acceleration (0-60 in 2.5 seconds), and interior and exterior styling (just look at it).

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Photo: Courtesy of Lincoln

Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln’s charmingly palatial people mover acquires new front and rear styling, a larger infotainment screen, and a hands-free highway driving system. But we’re most compelled by the rumored inclusion of PowerBoost, a hybrid engine that uses a battery and electric motor to improve fuel economy by 25%.

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Photo: Courtesy of Maserati

Maserati MC20

Maserati is trying, once again, for a comeback. This time, the 107-year-old Italian sport-luxury automaker is pinning its hopes on electrification, with plans to create gas, hybrid, and fully battery-powered versions of its entire lineup. It will start with this gorgeous, two-seat supercar rumored to go electric in 2022.

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Photo: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-AMG SL

The SL roadster is an icon: The longest-running nameplate from the world’s oldest carmaker. Now, in its seventh generation, it’s about to get electrified for the first time. Though it will launch with a potent gasoline powered V8, a plug-in hybrid system inspired by Mercedes’s Formula One car will soon follow.

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Photo: Courtesy of Polestar

Polestar 3

Volvo’s upscale, all-electric sub-brand has already impressed us with its first two offerings: A sports coupe and a hatchback. Now it has (mostly) unveiled its third: An SUV. With a swoop-y, coupe-like exterior and an elegant Scandinavian-designed interior, it promises a beguiling mix of function, fashion, and sustainability.

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