The Art of Bugatti

I traveled to Oxnard for a special opening Sunday evening at the Mullin Automotive Museum for The Art of Bugatti. It was an incredibly memorable evening seeing wonderful friends, enjoying a fabulous dinner, and viewing some of the most beautiful art from one of the most talented families in the world.

Seen here is the Type 57SC Atlantic in silver and baby blue. There are only two in the world and the other one is owned by Ralph Lauren. You could say this is one sought-after vehicle!

“The idea for a comprehensive Bugatti retrospective at the Mullin Automotive Museum began with the desire to celebrate the artistry and skill of the extraordinary Bugatti family. In a collection that includes more than 40 Bugatti automobiles, including such sublime pieces as the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, the vehicles alone produce a powerful exhibition. Combined with more than 50 rare and sought-after pieces of furniture and decorative items by Ettore’s father Carlo; paintings and drawings by Carlo, his son Rembrandt and granddaughter Lidia; and the Museum’s original casts of Rembrandt’s bronze sculpture, the Mullin Automotive Museum is home to one of the largest
collections of Bugatti artifacts every assembled” ~ Brittanie Kinch, Guest Curator, The Art of Bugatti Exhibition

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