The Hollywood Reporter: Academy Awards Nominees Celebration

Last night I attended The Hollywood Report: Academy Awards Nominees Celebration at Spago’s in Beverly Hills. I was delighted to meet director Felix Von Groeningen and producer Durk Impens. I look forward to watching The Broken Circle of Breakdown which won the Best Screenplay at the Tribeca Awards and the People’s Choice Awards at the Berlin Film Festival. It is an intensely moving portrait of a relationship from beginning to end.

Bruce Dern and long-time friend Stacy Keach delivered brilliant performances in the remarkable film Nebraska, which beautifully showcased the difficulty of dealing with aging parents. All the acting performances were spectacular this year and it will be difficult to choose the winners. I met Lupita Nyungo’ at the Party and was stunned by the depth of her performance in “12 Years a Slave.”

Hats off to Janice Min, editor of the Hollywood Reporter, for hosting such a fabulous party which was the after party for all the Academy Awards nominees. Spago was transformed into a hip nightclub with performer Cee Lo Green and many other stars who were also in attendance.

With Ellen Olivier, LA Times writer – I loved the Oscars! Ellen was great.

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