The Things We Love…

The things we love…

If you follow my blog, you probably know that I am passionate about architecture, interior design, classic cars, art collection, film, and wellness. What you might not know is that I am an absolutely devoted fan of the L.A. Clippers—a season-ticket holder for more than 20 years with my coveted seat behind team owner Steve Ballmer.

It’s not always easy to say why or how we get so devoted to a team, but I’m often reminded of a favorite book from my childhood, The Little Engine That Could, which encouraged its young readers to persist with grit, determination, and a positive attitude.

Basketball is, of course, a game of grace, momentum, and spirit. On Friday, June 18, it all paid off. Before that evening, the Clippers were the only U.S. team that had never advanced to the Western Conference Finals. But in their Semifinal bout with the Utah Jazz, even with Kawhi Leonard sidelined, and overcoming a 25-point deficit in the third quarter, the Clippers sailed away, 131-119.

The Staples Center was utter pandemonium. And I was there, adding my voice to the celebration. What a historic moment for the Clippers and for L.A.!

I’ll be in the stands as the Clippers face off with the Phoenix Suns for the remaining games of the Conference Finals. Go Clippers!

-Joyce Rey

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