Tour a Midcentury-Inspired Hollywood Hills Idyll

On his first visit, it took Michael Martin—one of the creative minds behind design studio OSKLO—two tries to find the private driveway of this property. “It was like A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the middle of the Hollywood Hills, as doves and robins hopped from wisps of bougainvillea and massive lemon trees dropped fruit in front of your eyes around this very forgettable 1990s house,” he recalls. “The house had to go, but the property was one of a kind and really unbeknownst to everyone.”

Located a mile above the Sunset Strip, along one of the quieter roads of Los Angeles’s famed Bird Streets, the flat lot offers the utmost in privacy. Spread over 5,800 square feet on a single level, the new four-bedroom house gives a feeling of spaciousness, especially in the 13-foot-high great hall flanked by a central atrium with a centenarian olive tree.

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