UNICEF in the News

Here is a fabulous list of important stories out of UNICEF from the past week. I really recommend reading through them. As a board member of UNICEF, I cannot stress enough how important and impactful the work is that everyone under the UNICEF name does, helping many many precious children across the world.

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UNICEF Issues in the News

Infographic: Vaccines Work
We mark World Immunization Week with these eight simple charts.

“All I have now is my daughter.”
After his sons are forced into the fighting, a South Sudanese man makes an arduous journey with his three-year-old daughter to get help from UNICEF.

Giving a voice to the poor
A UNICEF expert argues that the poor should have more say in the programs meant to help them.

Thanks, Bill!
Bill Gates tweets his support for UNICEF’s work on immunization, in Business Insider.

Bearing the burden of war
The Guardian reports that 95% of the South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia are women and children in search of food, water and shelter.

Photos: Crossing the border
An intimate look at the dangers Syrian families face to reach safety in Lebanon, from Al Jazeera.

“I know how hard it is for those kids on the street.”
The Thunder’s Serge Ibaka is honored by the NBA and Kia for his work with UNICEF, from the Oklahoman.

A tale of two diseases
A provocative comparison of China’s efforts to fight tuberculosis and malaria, from the Council on Foreign Relations blog.

And one more…

Video: Dance, dance revolution
The technology that got one woman back on the dance floor could help amputees everywhere, in the Christian Science Monitor.

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