UNICEF Responds to an Unprecedented Number of 5 Level 3 Emergencies

Every year, UNICEF responds to more than 250 emergencies–from conflicts to natural disasters. Currently, we have an unprecedented number of 5 level-3 emergencies around the globe and our children need us more than ever. Level 3 is the highest rating within the UN system, allowing for the most effective response.

1. Ebola Crisis: As of December 10, 2014, over 17,942 confirmed or probable cases of Ebola have been reported in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal, of which 6,388 resulted in death. 2.9 million at-risk children under the age of five are living in this affected region. UNICEF is working with partners to respond with urgency in controlling the outbreak with preventative dialogue and case detection, delivering protective equipment and providing essential social services.

2. Syria: After four years of relentless conflict, violence, massive population displacement and damage to infrastructure and essential services, over 5 million children are in urgent need. UNICEF’s efforts in the region include life-saving immunizations and malnutrition detection as well as programs to protect water, sanitation and hygiene from spreading waterborne diseases.

3. Central African Republic (CAR): Violent conflict has left an estimated 4.6 million people, half of whom are children, in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. UNICEF is working hard in the CAR to provide severe acute malnutrition treatment through therapeutic feeding, polio immunizations, insecticide-treated bet nets to prevent malaria, cholera prevention and clean drinking water and improved sanitation.

4. South Sudan: 7 million South Sudanese–half of them children–need humanitarian assistance. In 2014 more than 1 million children required treatment for malnutrition. UNICEF and partners are working tirelessly to reach the most vulnerable children in order to prevent and respond to severe acute malnutrition, address the risk of waterborne diseases, procure and transport polio and measles vaccines.

5. Iraq: The conflict across Iraq has caused an estimated 1.8 million Iraqis, half of them children, to flee from their homes across the country. Polio, eradicated in Iraq 14 years ago, has recently reappeared and UNICEF and the World Health Organization have launched a major campaign to stop the spread of this disease.

The Impact of Your Support:

— $20.67 provides 3 blankets to children in need as shelter is scarce and the temperature is rising.

— $34.19 provides one first aid kit, which will treat cuts, minor burns and infections.

— $164.70 provides one share of one tent, which protects the most vulnerable children allowing them to eat a nutritious meal, receive urgent health care, go to school or sleep (ten shares buys one tent).

— $1,587.66 provides one share of a 4-Wheel Drive SUV, which can bring urgently needed supplies and assistance for those who need it the most (20 shares buys the whole SUV).

— $5,000 could provide treatment for 38 acutely malnourished children.

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