Inside The Creation Of The Rolls-Royce Ghost Champagne Rose

By Kyle Edward

Rolls-Royce has just unveiled a truly remarkable creation: the Ghost ‘Champagne Rose.’ This one-of-a-kind vehicle is a pure expression of individuality, crafted in a single Bespoke colorway that was reserved exclusively for an esteemed client. It was a masterpiece conceived as the ultimate personal statement, celebrating the client’s artistic success and inspired by their digital persona known as ‘@ChampagneRose.’

The challenge for the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective was to create the perfect hue that would reflect the client’s unique personality. The journey began with a mood board filled with countless pink color swatches, which the client had shared with the talented artisans at Goodwood. After an extensive analysis of the client’s work and preferences, the team developed 30 paint samples. From this array, the final ‘Champagne Rose’ color was meticulously chosen.

Every surface of this exceptional commission showcased the ‘Champagne Rose’ Bespoke color, accentuating the Ghost’s pure and minimalist design. The exterior boasted a breathtaking Crystal finish, producing an elegant shimmering effect. A single hand-painted coachline featured the inscription ‘Champagne Rose,’ while matching wheel centers and delicate pinstripes completed the exterior’s exquisite finish.

Inside the Ghost, the monochromatic interior continued the daring splash of color. ‘Champagne Rose’ leather trim contrasted with Piano Black veneers, black piping, and the interlinked RR monogram adorning the headrests. The Interior Trim Centre at Goodwood devoted six months to perfecting a Bespoke ‘Champagne Rose’ leather hue that flawlessly matched the exterior. Rigorous sun-simulation testing ensured the color’s consistency over time, even in the vibrant Florida climate. Lambswool carpets, also in the enchanting ‘Champagne Rose,’ completed the interior palette.

Creating a single-tone colorway at the level of perfection expected from the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective was an immensely complex task. Materials absorb and reflect light differently, resulting in slight variations in color perception. To guarantee a consistent color experience within the car, the artisans developed numerous formulations of the ‘Champagne Rose’ hue, meticulously adjusting each according to the unique characteristics of different surfaces—an artistic triumph indeed.

In a nod to the client’s personality, a delicate rose motif adorned the rear seat waterfall. The experts at the Interior Surface Centre dedicated several days to experimenting with prototypes until the design aligned precisely with the client’s vision. The final masterpiece was created by applying multiple coats of paint and lacquer, taking over 14 hours to complete. The rose motif continued its enchanting presence in the embroidery on the back of the picnic tables. Each table boasted 5,500 individual stitches, representing over 30 hours of collective artistry.

The epitome of elegance, the Bespoke Starlight Headliner also embraced the rose motif. By carefully positioning 482 out of the 1,132 fiber-optic ‘stars,’ the artisans designed a breathtaking expression of the client’s persona. Crafting this unique Bespoke masterpiece took over 60 hours. To complete this extraordinary commission, the Champagne Rose color extended to the backlit treadplates, creating a harmonious and awe-inspiring environment.

Via Forbes

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