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Never Forget Your Passwords Again With This Secret Weapon For Outsmarting Hackers

How many times a day do you log into password-protected accounts like online banking, Netflix, or even Facebook? Do you ever wonder whether the passwords themselves are secure?

Guess what, they’re probably not — all a hacker needs to do is crack the code, and your entire identity can be compromised in an instant. When hackers gain access to your devices and accounts, they can wreak all kinds of havoc, from opening up new credit card accounts to draining existing bank accounts.

One of the easiest ways for hackers to get their hands on your sensitive information is by stealing your passwords. The FTC says that creating “long and strong” passwords is crucial to your online security.

Not only should passwords be complex, says the FTC, but they should be unique to each site—in other words, stop using the same old password for every account. But it’s practically impossible to create airtight, individual passwords for all of your online accounts and manage to remember them all, right?

That’s where a great password manager comes into play. Adam Levin, cyber security expert and founder of CyberScout, tells Yahoo Life. Levin that a password manager should be your secret weapon against fraud, especially if you’re kind of lazy about passwords.

Read the full Yahoo! article, here!

Joyce Rey
Joyce Rey
Joyce Rey

Joyce Rey is one of the most respected names in luxury real estate worldwide, having represented some of the most significant properties in the world.



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