Prince Harry Shows His and Meghan Markle’s Montecito Home in New Video

Two years after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they’d be stepping down as working royals and living outside of the United Kingdom, it would appear that the couple and their two young children are enjoying life Stateside. In a new video released on the New Zealand current affairs show Te Ao With Moana, the Duke of Sussex gives viewers a small peek inside his Montecito, California, home.

In keeping with California minimalism and the style of the Duchess’s home office (shop the look of that room here), the space is laid-back and supremely nature-inspired. A distressed white abstract art piece sits behind him, and a set of three simple wood candleholders (these hand-carved candleholders from Nomad Home are rather similar) with a plant peeking in beside them add dimension. The candleholders, painting, and a stack of green books sit on a more industrial-leaning console table that closely resembles Saracina Home’s X Frame Entry Table. All in all, the space is far more casual than the palaces Prince Harry once occupied, though no less stylish. In any case, the California property is definitely more hospitable to the family’s chickens and accompanying coop.

The organic vibe of their space also feels linked to the cause Prince Harry is talking about in the video: Sustainability and, more specifically, the practices of the Māori people of New Zealand. “I’ve been to Aotearoa [New Zealand, in the Māori language] a number of times throughout my life and have always felt a deep respect and connection to the Māori people, who make me feel so welcome every time,” he explained in the clip, in between communicating in the Māori language itself. “The Māori culture inherently understands sustainable practices and how to take better care of our life-giving land, which are critical lessons that we can all learn.”

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