The 13 Most Beautiful McDonald’s in the World

From a salmon pink store in Lisbon to a flying saucer–shaped location in New Mexico, these are the most stunning—and unique—McDonald’s around the world

Golden McDonalds pavilion in Rotterdam on CoolsingelPhoto: Robert Evans/Alamy Stock Photo

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Unlike the showing in Batumi, this Rotterdam McDonald’s—designed by Mei Architects—explores the transparent aspect of glass. Providing nearly unrestricted views both into and out of the restaurant, the location may also claim the title for most beautiful staircase in a McDonald’s.

McDonald's restaurant in Debrecen Hungary.Photo: Tibor Ksa/Alamy Photos 

Debrecen, Hungary

Located in Debrecen, Hungary, this McDonald’s location adds a historic touch to the brand’s iconic gold arches.

McDonald's restaurant on the corner of Lakewood Blvd. and Florence Ave. in Downey CalifPhoto: MediaNews Group/Orange County Register/Getty Images

Downey, California, US

A trip to Downey, California, will bring you to the oldest McDonald’s in the world. It was the second restaurant to be franchised by Richard and Maurice McDonald and still features the brand’s original golden arches. Besides its undeniably novelty within the chain, it’s also a prime example of Googie architecture in California.

Flying Saucer UFO alien McDonald's restaurant at night on Main Street in downtown Roswell New MexicoPhoto: Glenn Nagel/Alamy Stock Photo

Roswell, New Mexico, US

Roswell is usually heralded as “The Alien Capital of the World,” so the burger chain certainly leaned into the theme with this restaurant. Complete with holographic lighting, it’s unsurprisingly the only location shaped like a flying saucer.

A white Colonialstyle mansion with a McDonald's sign on the frontPhoto: ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

New Hyde Park, New York, US

When McDonald’s first acquired this property in 1985, the plan was to tear it down and build a standard Mickey D’s building. Instead, preservationists pushed back noting the building’s historic value as the previous farmhouse of a descendent of reverend Richard Denton, a founder of the town. Instead of demolishing the building, McDonald’s agreed to build the store within the home, resulting in a true McMansion.


art deco McDonalds building in Clifton Hill Melbourne Victoria AustraliaPhoto: Tim McRae/Alamy 

Melbourne, Australia

Housed in the former United Kingdom Hotel in Victoria, this Australian McDonald’s might be one of the franchise’s only Art Deco location. The building was designed in the late 1930s by James Hastie Wardrop.

With an undeniable southwest flair this Arizona store is the only McDonalds with a turquoise logo. The city council...Photo: WENN Rights Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo

Sedona, Arizona, US

With an undeniable southwest flair, this Arizona store is the only McDonald’s with a turquoise logo. The city council reportedly told the company that the standard golden arches would clash with the red rocks of the surrounding town, prompting the unusual addition.



The McDonalds in Freeport looks much more like a house and less like its standard franchise image as the town required...Photo: Gabe Souza/Portland Press Herald/Getty Images

Freeport, Maine, US

You’d be forgiven if you mistook this McDonald’s in Maine for someone’s house. Built within a Colonial-style home, this is currently the only McDonald’s location in the city.

McDonalds restaurant is seen on January 17 2020 in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. The unique location features local culture...Photo: NurPhoto/Getty Images

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, US

Another example of the hamburger restaurant leaning into local culture is this log cabin McDonald’s in Wisconsin. Inside, the location includes unique decor, such as a wood-carved bear and mounted moose head.

Via Architectural Digest

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