The 6 Most Futuristic Cities Being Built Around the World

Proposed across continents, these cities show what our world could look like in 50 years

Aerial image of a large interconnected futuristic cityPhoto: Courtesy of MRVD

Chengdu Sky Valley, China

Designed by firm MVRDV, Chengdu Sky Valley was conceived as a an entry for the Future Science and Technology City competition, though the project isn’t moving forward at this time. The metropolis is designed to preserve and enhance the site’s traditional Linpan settlements, which are rural communities in the area’s valleys. For this reason, new buildings are clustered on hills and designed to accentuate the valley skyline. By preserving the agricultural landscape of the area, residents are offered “a wider choice of lifestyles, including opportunities for self-building and developing self-sufficient lifestyles in harmony with nature.”

Though this masterplan for Amaravati conceived by FosterPartners is no longer happening it does offer great insight into...Photo: Courtesy of Foster+Partners 

Amaravati, India

Though this masterplan for Amaravati conceived by Foster+Partners is no longer happening, it does offer great insight into what a futuristic city could look like. In the the plan, a government complex would anchor the city, and a large central green space would span the city’s center—inspired by Lutyens’ Delhi and New York’s Central Park. The firm also envisioned an aggressive environmental strategy, in which “at least 60% of the area is occupied by greenery or water.” According to Foster+Partners, the metropolis would’ve been among the most sustainable in the world and would make use of various new and emerging technologies including photovoltaics, electric vehicles, water taxis, and dedicated cycle routes.

Via Architectural Digest

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