Pilots have the ultimate hall pass: They can roam freely around the country, with access to thousands of destinations—including 5,000 small airfields—that might otherwise be complex exercises in travel by car or commercial airline.

All too many, however, use their airplanes to fly for “the hundred-dollar hamburger,” with no particular mission other than to grab a bite at some random airport’s restaurant a few hundred miles away. These quick-hit visits have their charms, but the aircraft’s passengers may wonder what vistas lay beyond the tarmac.

These days, destination flying has become de rigueur (especially post-pandemic), supported by the growth of rental properties and hotel concepts that cater specifically to aviators. The luxury fly-in destination marries aircraft ownership to curated properties designed for pilots, their passengers. and, just as importantly, their planes. Modern barnstorming is now much more unencumbered.

The choices range from lodges near gravel runways in the backcountry to the elevated amenities of golf and spa resorts that offer accommodations for the airplane. There’s even an Airbnb-style service that matches pilots with homes on or near runways.

Here are eight pilot-friendly destinations that will make great summer visits.