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These Are The Top 10 Largest Superyachts That Will Be At 2021 Monaco Yacht Show

The world may not have returned to “normal” yet. In fact, things may never go back to the way “normal” was before the global pandemic changed almost every aspect of our lives. And while the sheer human toll we’ve all experienced thanks to Covid19 has been profound, I’m also grateful to be reminded how special life, and the planet, and specifically, the world’s oceans are every time I’m out on the water—from the smallest rowboats to the largest superyachts—as part of my job.

And honestly, I’m not surprised that demand for all boats—ranging from cutting edge electric powerboats to the largest superyachts—has increased so much since Covid19 hit either. Not only do boats (of all sizes) provide the best way to social distance safely with friends and family. Boats (of all sizes) also provide a direct link to the fun, relaxation and healing power of nature and ocean that we all longed for during months off lock down.

But now that the start of Monaco Yacht Show is less than a month away (after being canceled last year due to Covid19), and potential buyers and charterers are finally going to be able to see (and go aboard) some of the largest and most exclusive superyachts in the world like we used to before Covid19 struck, some “normal” may be returning.

So, if you’ve been looking forward to the return of the “normal” gathering of 200-to-300-foot long private yachts that usually happens every September at the Monaco Yacht Show, you’re in luck. And here’s a preview of the Top 10 largest superyachts that will be on display in Monaco from September 22-25.

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Joyce Rey
Joyce Rey
Joyce Rey

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