Upscale Condos With Jaw-Dropping Yoga Studios

Those who regularly practice yoga have been altered in some way by its transformative power. Maybe you’ve toned your body. Maybe you now have the mental clarity that you’ve been seeking. Perhaps you’ve experienced more profound changes in your relationships, career or domicile. Yoga helps you come into your best self. From the inside, out.

So, why not take that best self and turn that ultimate self into an even fuller expression of itself? From the outside, in. You can, but it depends on where you live.

These days, wellness is the hot, new luxe amenity. And these high-end, residential condominiums with on-site yoga studios do not disappoint. If you live in any one of these nirvana towers, you’ll attain the best of the best alright – further enhanced by the amazing ambience created by the yoga studios. You, perhaps, will no longer need a vacation because living in any one of these luxury upscale condos will surely keep you in a namaste state of mind, with your life evolving into seven-day weekends.

Aria On The Bay

Aria On The Bay

Turnberry Ocean Club

And as if Miami could not get any more sizzling, there’s a new oceanfront development underway that will take yoga to even greater heights. The entire 31st floor at the Turnberry Ocean Club has been dedicated to health and wellness and will include a state-of-the-art private studio for yoga and pilates with panoramic views of the bay, ocean and Miami skyline. In this soon-to-be legendary tower residence, will surely be transformed into yeah-must-stay.

Runway Apartments

For those yogi glams who prefer no views and want to solely focus upon improving their postures in the mirror, while not forfeiting luxury in any way, this apartment complex in Playa Vista, California is for you. When it comes to exceptional living, convenience combined with luxuriousness makes all the difference. The Runway Apartments offers a host of hyper-amenities with an ease of upscale style all it’s own, including this on-site yoga room. Living here, you’ll experience Vogue Runway living, with a flair for the no drama.

Upscale Residential Yoga Studios

this home with a mountain and ocean view, shared gym and intimate yoga space appeal to you? Imagine the sunrises that would accompany your daily yoga practice.


Or, perhaps, you prefer a residential tower with a breathtaking city view. And modern yoga studio/room sheathed in glass.

The noiseless sky-view of the city from this yoga room – morning or night – is as zen as it gets in any city. The glass partitions allow you to feel part of the collective and yet separate enough to experience the silence of a private yoga practice.

Or would you prefer to practice postures in an open-air yoga room? You can just about feel the soft breeze from the Indian Ocean caress the airy, expansive space of the yoga studio that is leisurely sprawled out in this Australian home.

You no longer have to seek becoming zen if you live in any one of these high-end condominiums. You’ll feel so zen, life will easily unfold beyond any of your most extravagant dreams. Whatever your choice, you cannot go wrong.

The renowned poet, Rumi, said: what you seek is seeking you. So, find your best self and live it in a high-end home of your choosing. If you do this, the domestic bliss that you are seeking will find you, and you’ll need not seek any further. Ever again.

Source: Haute Residence

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