We Are Going to the Moon Again! Here Are the Architects of Change Taking Us With Them

By The Sunday Paper Team

Half a century after Apollo 17, NASA is sending astronauts to the moon again! NASA recently announced Reid Wiseman, Vitor Glover, Christina Hammock Kosh, and Jeremy Hansen as the crew members of Artemis II.

This time, we are making another giant leap for mankind. Early space ventures focused on establishing technological superiority for individual countries. Artemis II, on the other hand, will not only carry the first woman and first person of color, but the first Canadian to the moon as well. Now, space is where countries can work together for humanity. “All four astronauts will represent the best of humanity as they explore for the benefit of all,” said NASA’s Johnson Space Center Director Vanessa Whyche in a press release.

Artemis II is also a crucial component to a greater vision. Learn more about the following mission Artemis III and NASA’s plan to send the first astronauts to Mars in this Atlantic article and on NASA’s website.

Via Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper

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