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2022 Rolls-Royce Cullinan: A Sanctuary On Wheels

Rolls-Royce doesn’t need introduction as a brand. It’s been the epitome of luxury for decades, and still is. The Cullinan is the first SUV the marquee has ever produced, introduced in 2019 and named after the world’s largest uncut diamond. The Cullinan is fantastically expensive, twice what a Bentley Bentayga costs, starting at an astonishing $330,000 before customization. But then again, if you’re looking at a new Rolls-Royce, cost shouldn’t be a concern.

No Compromises Driving Experience:

The Cullinan comes with a twin turbo 6.7 liter V-12 which provides 563 horsepower. The vehicle reaches 60 mph in an incredible 4.5 seconds, an impressive figure as the vehicle weighs about 2.6 tones. The engine is whisper quiet and reserved in normal running, and adopts a gentle growl when put into low (sport) mode. The response is also geared towards maintaining the quiet and peace the brand is known for. Pressing the accelerator pedal all the way, provides a smooth, composed and linear response.

The Cullinan takes Rolls-Royce ride and refinement qualities into new heights. Up front is a double wishbone setup and a five-link rear axle, with a self leveling air suspension redesigned for the raised vehicle height. The Cullinan comes standard with four wheel steering, a 48 volt anti roll system and power goes to all four wheels in a 50/50 split.

Unlike other luxury SUVs such as the Bentayga, the Cullinan is not a jack of all trades with Rolls putting luxury upfront over everything. Around corners, the Rolls sways and dives under heavy braking. Steering is light, and precise, pedal feel is progressive allowing for soft braking and smooth acceleration.

Rolls-Royce makes cars that transcend the constraints placed on other automobiles. The Cullinan, unlike other Rolls-Royce models such as the Phantom, had to work off-road, which in itself is a challenge. The vehicle had to have heavy wheels and suspension, designed to offer robustness, substantial ground clearance and generous travel. Rolls-Royce engineers designed the Cullinan to manage a broader range of conditions, from the shopping mall parking lot, to the off-road track.

Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner – No Problem:

The cabin of the Cullinan is spacious, lined in box grain leather, lamb’s wool carpeting, beautiful wood trim and milled aluminum accents. To enable easy ingress, the car automatically lowers its body by 40mm as you unlock the door, with doors that are held in place by intelligent hinges. For those who want even higher levels of customization, Rolls-Royce will customize the vehicle with whatever delights you can imagine.

The vehicle is offered initially as a five seater, with a split folding back seat that are motorized and can fold flat. At the rear, the vehicle has a lift gate that allows the fitting of an optional viewing suite consisting of a pair of leather wrapped seats and a small table that pops out of the floor. The front seats have heated and massaging functionality along with memory settings for both front seats. Rear passengers also sit higher than those in front, either in lounge configuration or in individual chairs.

As timeless as the interior feels, one thing that stands out is the large 12.3 inch touchscreen infotainment which is in every Cullinan. The system that is fitted is smartly presented and easy to use. Wireless charging is standard, as is wireless phone mirroring. The car is also fitted the Rolls-Royce bespoke audio system which has excellent clarity but could use more power and engulfment.

Classic Exterior Design:

The design of the Cullinan definitely turns heads. The front profile consists of a huge pantheon grille made from individually hand polished steel rods, with the spirit of ecstasy riding proudly at the front. The side profile is characterized by 22-inch 7 spoke alloy wheels with the unique self-righting wheel center caps, and signature suicide doors. The vehicle also has chrome body side molding and black body side moldings to add to the already imposing stance.

The rear profile has a dramatically sloping profile, small LED brake lights, a subtle lip spoiler and two big chrome tipped exhaust outlets. However, you simply can’t ignore the giant stately hood which houses the twin-turbocharged V12. It’s length reminds you of another time in history where Duesenberg’s and Bugatti’s lined the streets of the rich and famous.

Simply Rolls-Royce:

The ability to customize it to your heart’s desire, makes the Cullinan unique and alluring. Unlike its bigger sibling the Phantom, the Cullinan has been made to serve in more areas, giving a different flavor of luxury. The vehicle is simple and focused on being the Rolls-Royce for everyone with many different abilities. The Cullinan certainly has no rivals, and is in a class all by itself. Sometimes it’s lonely at the top.

Joyce Rey
Joyce Rey
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