Haute Residence L.A. Luxury Real Estate Summit

The summit, moderated by Timothy Lappen, Esq., founder and chairman of Luxury Home Group, a real estate legal group, and hosted by Seth Semilof, publisher of luxury publications Haute Living, Haute Residence, and Haute Time, brought together the biggest names in luxury real estate in a discussion on how to be successful in real estate and what’s next for California’s booming real estate market.

In the event’s second panel discussion, the power brokers on the “$100 Million Producers” panel, featuring Chris Cortazzo, Jade Mills, Jeff Hyland, Joyce Rey, Kurt Rappaport, Linda May, Myra Nourmand, Randy Solakian, and Suzanne Perkins, explained that the key to success is traveling and networking as well as forming relationships with fellow agents.

Joyce Rey
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