Six Cities, Six Continents: Inside Iconic Home Styles Around the World

Tour the vibrant colors of Rio de Janeiro’s Colonials, the soft curving forms of Barcelona’s Art Nouveau buildings, and more

Some global cities are known for their natural wonders, some for their culinary delights and others for their iconic home styles. (Though many have all of the above.)

In this special series—Six Cities, Six Continents—we’re profiling metropolises that have unique and coveted home styles that define the city.

From the Queenslander of Brisbane, Australia, to the Moorish Architecture of Marrakesh, we’ll explore the history, pricing and back stories to these home styles and tell you everything you need to know about the culture and market outlook for each city.

Barcelona’s Curvy Catalan Modernist Homes

Catalan Modernism—also known as Catalan Art Nouveau—was a widespread movement spanning art, design and literature, but it found its ultimate expression in architecture. Its unique buildings are heavily inspired by nature, featuring elaborate decorative facades, vivid stained-glass windows and colorful tiles. With their ornate detailing, bold colors and avoidance of straight lines, Barcelona’s Modernist buildings resemble fairy-tale castles or fantastical illustrations, completely breaking the standard rules of architecture…Read More

Palm Springs Never Goes out of Style

Famous for its Mid-Century Modern homes, Palm Springs has always been an affordable place to buy a vacation property, compared to pricier areas such as Malibu and Santa Barbara. In the wake of the pandemic, however, the real estate market has seen a surge in residential sales with higher prices following soon after…Read More


The Queenslander: The Coveted and Historic Homes of Brisbane, Australia

While the number of new apartments—and their asking prices—have soared in recent years to keep up with the rising number of people moving to greater Brisbane, it is the charm of the city’s colonial-era homes that put local architecture on the map.

The Queenslander house, affectionately named after the state in which it originated, is the design icon of Brisbane and cashed-up buyers are prepared to pay top dollar to secure one…Read More


Rio de Janeiro’s Colorful Colonial Homes Evoke a Bygone Era

Brazil’s capital for two centuries and the capital of Portugal for more than a decade, the mega-city’s streets feature mansions that are evocative of the decadence of that era, with their tropical gardens, pools and decorative Portuguese tiles. Here we take a dive into the history and appeal of some of Rio de Janeiro’s most notable homes…Read More


Eclectic Moorish Architecture Defines the Marrakesh Cityscape

Marrakesh is as much a cosmopolitan oasis as a time capsule. From its mosques and riads to its souks and its palaces, Morocco’s fourth largest city has a rich architectural history and its own authentic, eclectic style…Read More


Singapore’s Towering Transformation

As the gateway to Asia, a global financial hub and home to a culturally diverse population, Singapore has attracted some of the world’s most sought-after and talented architects to make their mark on the ever-changing local landscape. As a result, buyers now have access to an array of contemporary luxury condos designed by celebrated “starchitects” who have put style and the environment front of mind. Given that Singapore is also known as “The Garden City” it is only fitting that the blossoming city-state’s newest residential towers feature a blend of futuristic facades and a purposeful connection to nature…Read More



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