An Inspirational Message

What an inspirational message from the UNICEF offices. I am so proud to serve on the Southern California Regional Board.

Hi all,

Today, it is quiet here in our office with most people starting their Thanksgiving holiday. I got a call from a guy, Herman Riddle, who wanted to “drop off a donation.” I called him back, and he said that he was on the Interstate, driving to Wisconsin, but that he was going to make a detour into the city to personally come to our office and bring us a check for $750. He was calling because he could not afford near our office, and he wondered if someone could come outside to meet him and pick up the check.

I coordinated with him and waited for him outside, where he pulled up in his pick up truck. He handed me the check, and when I asked why he was giving or if there was some particular area of our work that inspired him, he said that it is “for the kids.” A few minutes later, I guess as he was pulling away, he called me at my desk and left a voice mail. (attached) He said that he had seen our UNICEF commercial back in September, and he was scheduled to be laid off from his job the next day. He prayed for just one more week of employment so that he could give half of what he made to UNICEF to help children. He did get that extra week of employment, and then he did get laid off, and even then, he gave half of his last paycheck to UNICEF.

He said that he related to the kids on our commercial, and that could have been him when he was small. This $750 for him was just as much a ‘stretch’ gift as it is for many of our MG donors.

Sometimes, people are just really amazing! This was a perfect way to begin a holiday of thanksgiving.
Please share with your teams if you would like, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!


Joyce Rey
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