Be Mine: Six Last-minute Ideas To Win Your Lover’s Heart

Oh no! Thursday is Valentine’s Day and a cellophane-wrapped bag of candy off the grocery store shelf probably won’t win you any points with your sweetheart. Here are six last-minute ideas:

Gift-wrap a romantic new house. What could be a better indication of your love? Where to start? Oh, how about here, or here, or here.

Indulge in a Couples’ Retreat at The Peninsula Spa, complete with champagne, massage, and heavenly relaxation.

Sweeten up your sweetie with a bar of To’ak Chocolate or a Vintage Virtuosos gift basket from Wally’s (yes, they have much more than wine!).

Of course you can never go wrong with beautiful and long-lasting roses from OnlyRoses in Beverly Hills. Present your loved one with a printed poem rolled into a scroll and tied with a ribbon. Then recite it – or at least read it aloud (practice, practice, practice!). At a loss for poems? Consider “Love’s Philosophy” by Percy Bysshe Shelley, “How Do I Love Thee” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, this wonderful poem for a returning lover, “When You Return” by Ellen Bass, or perhaps something from this list of classic and contemporary love poems offered by The Poetry Foundation. (Better yet, write your own. And if you’re severely poetically challenged, you can get some “Roses are red” help from the Love Poem Generator.) Charter a jet and sweep your sweetheart off to San Francisco (or Hawaii!) for dinner… or for the night. Check for private charters at your nearest general aviation airport, or visit PrivateFly. Then again, you just could order in, toast your good fortune at sharing a quiet evening together, and kiss like teenagers while the movie plays.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Joyce Rey
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