Ray Dalio Doesn’t Hedge His Bets

Ray Dalio is brilliant. Founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, billionaire Dalio is betting on the ocean.

He’s also a proponent of open-mindedness, tech-friendliness, and global thinking, as he explained to CNBC recently. “Don’t be attached to your opinions,” he says, suggesting that we learn more when we let others challenge our ideas. Dalio relies on technology to augment opinions, impressions, and and uses computer algorithms to guide investment and employee management. Being aware of what’s going on in the rest of the world is critical, he advises, saying that to be successful we must “really not be provincial.”

Putting his money where his passion is, Dalio has teamed with James Cameron to form OceanX to fund ocean exploration and research and create accompanying media. “To me, the ocean remains humanity’s most important, and most under-examined, treasure,” he said. OceanX funds are currently supporting the construction of “the most advanced science and media vessel ever built,” which will be equipped with cutting-edge laboratories, submersibles, drones, and media equipment. Dalio expects to create a television series documenting the work aboard the vessel, 2, and along with ocean mapping and observation, anticipates the exploration will yield huge benefits to science, medicine, and our knowledge of natural history.

Wow. Very exciting.

Joyce Rey
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