The Fountain of Youth: Water

Great cover article in the LA Times this past Saturday, March 28th. I learned so many interesting things like you should drink 4 glasses of water a day, all liquids count, and contrary to popular belief coffee does not dehydrate.

“Lightheadedness, fatigue, headache, poor stamina and concentration all can result from even a small — 1% — drop in a bodily fluid,” said nutritionist Elizabeth Somer, editor of the newsletter Nutrition Alert!

Here are ways to make sure you’re hydrated:

Wake up and drink a big glass of water — room temperature, cold or hot — with lemon juice, strawberries, cucumber slices, “whatever will entice you to drink,” said nutritionist Elizabeth Somer.

“Eat foods with plenty of water in them,” suggested nutritionist Nancy Clark. Yogurt, juicy fruits or vegetables, such as celery, tomatoes, and cucumbers, are good choices.

Keep a water bottle in your car and close at hand on your desk. Somer goes further: “If you work at home, line up glasses on the kitchen counter and drink small amounts … throughout the day. That way your kidneys have a chance to assimilate the fluid.”

Drink lots of water when flying, and limit your Bloody Mary consumption when you’re in the air.

Joyce Rey
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